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  1. Keep up the good work, @klei.ruby!:wilson_goodjob:

  2. I find the warp pads work similar to the ruins. The more you dig, the more you find out the history/lore of the game. The warp pads help me avoid doing space travel and leads to exploration within the asteroid.
  3. I noticed in my two days of playing, the warp pad is only on the starting and next planet. But there's not a warp pad for a third planet yet.
  4. Agreed. I already have to deal with a ton of water with the new mud and polluted dirt tiles.
  5. That's why I'm confused. I unearth four of them in total and I wasn't sure how to get a dupe to open.
  6. It's time for "What's the canon side"


  7. I clicked activate on both and no dupes arrived to either one on either asteroid.
  8. They're on both asteroids and come in pairs, my question is how to activate both at once. Do I need two researchers or operators? Do I need a particular cable to attach them?
  9. Yup, use the water sieve and make a basement until you reach all the way down to the magma.
  10. How do I get two dupes to activate this machine? I've managed to make dupes unearth the machine on two planets but I'm not sure on activation.
  11. HEre's my try at the slide. What's the background and items supposed to look like?
  12. I was really confused by the new plants Mewcabe and Cent. Though with Cent, it had copper so...