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  1. Hello! Guys, I've been searching this for days and none of my friends or streamers knows about this issue. I was playing with my friends and we decided to create walls and fences to beautify our place, but when we built our gates to close an entrance only the host (me) could pass though the gates. We decided to build statues as gates and it was even better because some creatures think there is an open passage there and don't break the fences or walls. But is this some kind of configuration? I mean, it is possible to lock and unlock through a .lua file, or it's really a bug? By the way, I'm uploading a video as proof. It happens in: - Normal servers created by me through the in game pannel - "Local" dedicated servers (by local i mean in my own machine) - Also I have a VPS where I let one of my servers 24/7 i'ts password protected so only my friends can join, and the wooden gate issue persist there. If any of you desire to test i can let you guys enter my VPS server to experiment, just message me on steam No server mods used in the video 2020-07-22 14-16-00.mp4