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About Me

Want a few more details about me? Sure, why not. I'm Doc, a guy from America that likes to pretend he's a mad scientist. (Hold the thunder, please).

I'm pretty friendly but also fairly shy. I (metaphorically) bruise a bit easily because of some bad stuff in the past, but I've been trying to work past it.

I'm a self-taught artist. I draw for fun but I've injured my drawing hand on multiple occasions, so I have to take it slow sometimes. I'm also an amateur modder. I'm working to help a friend on a few Don't Starve character mods.

Outside of liking Don't Starve I'm a fan of Batman, Mr. Freeze in particular being my favorite villain. I like The Clockwork Quartet, a band that's been unfortunately quiet for a while, and I have a mild, on-and-off fascination with steampunk aesthetics.