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  1. animated series???? id k

    ok i feel really really bad (damn illnesses, sob) buuuut i did a lil thing to remind yall im still alive
  2. animated series???? id k

    ... that's it you just you just won the whole internet all of it
  3. animated series???? id k

    nope! its my lil piece of garbage uu
  4. animated series???? id k

    wendy is perpetually bored of life, WX simply wants everyone to die as fast as they can tbh :° aaaaaaaaand i've been super busy with bday presents (never promise minicomics to anyone unless they pay you for it tbh) so i managed only to make rlly little... "surviving tips", curtesy of maxwell himself also feat. my oc in the first one bc yes
  5. animated series???? id k

    boy, i can't even imagine how it would be to get into 3D stuff D: tried just once mmd - so ye not even the best for animating - but it was just enough for m e,,
  6. i also draw omg

    YOOO nice- ...in the meantime allow me to post the most annoying thing ever in dont starve tbh tbh screw frog rain.
  7. animated series???? id k

    > soon JOKES ON YOU I ALREADY FEEL LIKE THIS HAHAHahah what am i doing with my life
  8. animated series???? id k

    my reaction when people ask how animating is
  9. animated series???? id k

    [sweats heavily, quickly hiding all the headcanons and not canon contents i want to shove in the animations] m-maybe...?
  10. i also draw omg

    just typing, mostly I have many troubles staying IC while voice chatting (tried it, failed miserably while i was tryign to act all cool at night and I was attacked by hounds. It,,, wasn't funny,) Honestly by now I pretty much play DST only by RPing tbh, I usually play as Willow (♥), the best time are with my gf playing Wilson or a friend playing Maxwell
  11. animated series???? id k

    oh my gosh I never heard of this guy and 10/10 man,,,, i might as well try to ask,,
  12. animated series???? id k

    Oh, ok! Thank you, I might take a look >:3
  13. animated series???? id k

    mostly the real issue is that,,, i really don't know what to do ;7; it's my first, uh, "proper" animation, and so it's the very beginning the main problem is lack of enough memory on this computer and, welp. lack of money to get a super great better animating program. i do plan to check for something better in the computer we got for my bday, but for now that im stuck in this old guy iiii think i'll just have to stick with this one. i do know how to put more audio, but it's just a little bit slower. the idea of doing another audio file sounds sweet tho! like, mixing some sounds... i'll see what i can do! after all as i said i'm literally at the very beginning of this and it's all self-taught, so i really really really appreciate all the critics and hints you guys give me ;u;> as for asking for help, if i ever manage to finish this one and find the determination to continue (i really really want to make an intro for willow and make her and wilson interact you guys have no idea,,) i totally plan to try and find someone for at least giving some help! i wanted to test myself with this first ep, but i know well that it isn't worth a lot of stress ;7;"
  14. i also draw omg

    the prick just shoved poor higgs in his world, he's absolutely way too too smug also srry but i found again one of my favorite comics based on an ic session on dst (i was wilson, my buddy was maxwell) we're professional rpers