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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Based on the character Jak from the Jak and Daxter series. Skins compatible. Made with the Extended Sample Character template. I made this mod for myself, so it’s catered to my taste and play-style. I play primarily on a co-op server with 2+ people and [settings/mods] which make the game harder than the default. I imagine this character could be pretty OP on DST default settings; on mine, I think he feels a bit weak, which is what I prefer. I like a struggle! This is my first mod ever and it’s probably a mess It’ll be in development indefinitely while I learn more about coding and try to make it better. He's in need of lots of play testing, and I still have some graphical errors to iron out on the sprite. I would consider this an advanced character. Managing his needs to keep him sane and fed can be very difficult. He has a large health pool to soak up damage he may take from getting caught in a low sanity/hunger loop. Stay dapper and remember to feed him! He has 300 health, 275 hunger and 100 sanity. Pros Stronger and faster than most characters. Gains sanity and health back from kills, loses hunger. Dark Eco Form - at 50 sanity, goes into a dark eco form in which he is much faster and stronger. Emits a glow while in his dark eco form that protects him from enveloping shadows. This is the only way I was able to implement night-vision without everyone on the server gaining night-vision, or else disabling Charlie :\ Monster meat seems to agree with Jak's new physiology - while in dark eco form, he can eat it with no penalty, even raw. Cons Constant sanity drain Hunger drains very fast in his dark eco form Unable to sleep to manage sanity Increased night time sanity drain This mod features custom dialogue written by the brilliant Darke_Eco_Freak from Ao3! This mod is compatible with Don’t Starve Together ONLY! Things to fix in the future: - Some kind of animation/sound/text to accompany the transformation - Fix up the sprite, there’s some errors like his profile view not matching the asymmetrical hair, the hair itself is clipped by his scarf in the back, some weird face/limb placement, and his butt juts out from his body a bit. Helmets sit high on him as well. I don’t personally find any of this too distracting but it’s something I want to fix at some point. - Make Dark Jak look uhh fiestier. He's a pretty lazy pallet swamp atm. Contemplating making him unable to wear helmets too. © 2016 THIS MOD IS NOT AUTHORIZED FOR DISTRIBUTION ON THE STEAM PLATFORM UNLESS UNDER THIS USERNAME: utzsar ♥