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  1. yesterday I played terraria update, and today my terrarium dissapeared. My friend have the same problem, is it normal?
  2. hi. I discovered experiment, went to island to fight champion and I cant put experiment. It is invisible. I can't spawn it with console or my friend can't build it traditional way (she also have invisible sphinonator). I cant spawn champion. I literally can't do anytthing
  3. sorry, I've got my mind lags too can't believe I did that
  4. I haven't tried new worlds yet, I'll try at the evening. The lags were crazy when my friend joined (before the update she has no problem), we both have lags just like in posted movie
  5. I put it in the mysterius fog and nothing happened. Altars are working, I tried to hammer them and I got hurt.
  6. I made three altars and cause moonstorm, but forgot about celestial orb. How can I undo altars and get celestial champion?
  7. I did it and there is much better, but lags still appear. inbound807908815271646087.mp4
  8. Hi, since the update, I have terrible lags-they appear every 30-60secs and last about the same time. I didi't do much since the update, but the game started lagging. My friend can join the game, but we both have problems with lags, which didn't happened before the update. After I completed 3 celestial altars to get mysterious energy, I can't get back to my main islang, because the games is making me go back few steps and die
  9. dont know, but sweeper is working good and skin Staff don't. Earlier today on twitch I saw a mod which was showing time to the moonstorm. Does anybody know its name? And another thing-in generation world option, on event menu, I have all of them except Moonstorm. How can I start it? Is it just after updating the game?
  10. making farm bigger did nothing, the bell is only lying there (the bond is broken) and nothing happens.
  11. So, I have another problem-my beefalos dont want to reproduce. I made a farm for them, have three of them and they dont reproduce for over 30 game days
  12. Hi. Today i generated my new world with options like more beefalos, pigs, catcoons and so. They didnt apear on my map. When I tried spawning beefalos in console, they apear on my friend's localization and freezed. I reinstalled the game and the problem is still messing my game What's more, I regenerated the world I died yesterday,m with my standard, favourite options and it generated wrong, still without animals
  13. I cannot take them out of cave, it is possible in Don't starve.