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  1. It doesn’t necessarily need an ending but it seemed like the mission to the farthest thing on the star map should’ve yielded some result. I spent a while getting a machine to make liquid hydrogen and oxygen so I could fly that far and sent my best dupes on the “one way mission” then when they came back I was lost. I thought it was bugged and couldn’t find anything online addressing it so I assumed it was a planned ending or world regeneration mechanic they didn’t implement.
  2. I’d like to request an ending to the base game. After being addicted and waiting for the full release I was heartbroken that the “one way mission” through the temporal tear resulted in my duplicants coming back and nothing else especially after putting in hours to make a rocket that could go that far. If it requires DLC that’s fine but I found it odd that Klei would release the game without that working.
  3. Submitted thanks. If you come by an explanation I'm curious what's going on under the hood and couldn't figure it out.
  4. My last save had a world that only spawned 1 of 2 "pig" temples. When i tried leaving the temple the save was corrupted. I just made a new save and went into the "herald" temple and upon exiting the game had an error. Going to "pig_ruins_entrance4" brings me to the initial entrance. Going to "pig_ruins_entrance5" brings me to an entrance with an identical statue so I'm not sure if its the exit or if the exit failed to spawn entirely. Both saves had the world set to big and the generation was off both times but I didn't expect the same bug twice. Ive included the log file, error screen and picture of ruins4. log.txt
  5. First a few bugs that have likely been mentioned: -Generation is faulty beyond the standard randomization. Certain areas are inaccessible (beyond the means of the developer and temples) -Overall poor performance compared to the base game and shipwrecked. Performance cut during humid fog 50-60fps to 25-30. -Resolution is messed up on mac. Starts with screen cut off, switching to full screen will sometimes yield a blacks screen. In game elements conflict after changing resolution. -The house mechanics really broken. Just perspective, placement space and rotation. I placed a shelf that was invisible and couldn't be hammered. Biggest issue however was having one of the temples not spawn. After searching the entirety of the two islands, there was no pig temple entrance. I used gonext to poof over to the temple so I could come out the other side and the game crashed and won't start the save. Additionally the food seems sparse, particularly for wigfrid however i had the same issue with all the characters. log.txt settings.ini
  6. I strongly disagree with taking out the lantern trick. I understand that it's not intended but if you don't like it you don't have to use it. If your siblings going to a party you don't have to go too just don't go tell mom and ruin the fun for everyone. It's clearly not ruining the game or glitching out any core features but for some reason someone felt the need to report that because they don't approve of others using it. I say put it back so the majority of players can continue to utilize it and the person who's uptight can play without it like they have been.
  7. That's it? Here I am killing the guardian, telefocusing the shadow atrium and searching for the other side of the gateway but apparently all you need is a wormhole. Thanks for the help I'm going in.
  8. Anyone know how to get to the atrium? It has no connection to any other land and I've tried a few methods.
  9. This is great. I was waiting to start a new world but wanted the betas and updates to be complete first. So if I make a world now I'm set on all content until a new reign is complete? Also I'm curious if this last update will touch upon the lure you guys alluded to when you first started the updates. Can we fight Charlie?
  10. This is also happening to me after the last update and I'm still on 193-193. I disabled mods and was able to dig it but no turf popped up. Either way this is the second issue that crashed my game since the update. I'm guessing you guys are making a lot of changes under the hood which is great to see but it's causing more problems than it solved. Still no hot fix :/
  11. After some searching on google I found the directory on OSX. I went to user/library/application support/steam/user data/131327714/219740 and replaced remote cache.vdf and the entire remote folder with the time machine ones from a day earlier. I started steam with wifi turned off and everything restored. My day 505 only went back to 475 which is a small price to pay to get my save back. Unfortunatley steam cloud keeps overwriting the backups with the corrupt save. How can I set the old files as the default for steam cloud? Thanks devs!
  12. After attempting to play on one of my save files a warning message came up stating that the save file was corrupt. Prior to starting that session there were very little entitys on screen with the exception of a few goop, walls and 4 krampus after killing that heathen glommer. I've been using mods for UI and accessibility including "wheres my map", "combined status", "geometric placement" and "wall health regen" yet after logging 3000+ days I've never had an issue with these mods much less the game. This specific save was day 505, autumn and late night. After the warning I disabled the mods as suggested and started up again yielding a black screen. Attached below is the warning screen following the incident, log file, settings file and a few others to help if accepted by uploader. Specs: Mac OSX 10.11.6 Macbook Pro Retina 2.6 ghz core i5, 8GB ram, sufficient SSD storage. Steam API v017 An important note is that I'm using steams cloud save which did sync after the incident however just yesterday I used the time machine app built into OSX to back up my computer and all its files. Is it possible to grab yesterdays save file from time machine and switch it with the corrupt save? And which files and directories would i have to update in order to do so assuming my save file is permanently corrupt and i can't revert the steam cloud save. Hope one of the devs can assist me with this issue. Thanks for your time. log.txt saveindex survival_4_bckp_1472721034