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  1. The Best i can advice for learning the stuff and for code helping u can always ask here in the forum O:
  2. Well done with the young boy/girl with issues over skin. Such kindness and gentleness mixed with caring about the troubled can't be admired enough. I applaud your deed, my good sir.

    1. SenpaiArtorias


      It Sounds Sarcastic but ima not sure because i dont know u . -.

    2. Arlesienne


      I am not sarcastic - not this time. You really did a commendable thing even though you could have just ignore the kid. You should be proud and keep it up.

  3. Im just curious which Program u use and which brushes / Custom brush settings u use to draw ur great Art :D ?

    1. KaStar23


      I use Manga Studio, and I mainly just use the rough pencil brush, but I like to mix and match sometimes.

    2. SenpaiArtorias


      Thank u for the Information really kind c:

  4. Ouw i wish i could pay u out. But cant from my own Situation currently need first realesing my first Project to do such things. But Dont give Up it can be Hard but dont let u get down Haley u can do it. Wish u Good Luck and sucess on ur Path.


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    2. SenpaiArtorias


      Yes i know! )=  But as mention would bite with my personal charackter its a Bigger Project so i appreciate the Help but would be going on Chaos when some artist doing a part of the work and then the Style of the art changes for the rest of the work :/ Sry


    3. HaleyRaye


      Haha, it's fine. I just meant if you ever need any advice or concept sketches (NOT final projects) I'd be willing to help with that, no cost. I get it, sorry, your language before sort of confused me. Good luck on the project!

    4. SenpaiArtorias


      Yes sry for the bad English its terribel i know :^) Juts Complicated to hassle with wanted only to wish u good luck because i know how hard it is :p

  5. Paint Tool Sai is a great Program specialy for anime and Comic drawing, i wounder if Paint Tool Sai 2 is already out . -. Greetings
  6. The Charackter Mod crashes when he trys to loading the speech File seems like a old file method or a wrong symbol in the file.
  7. And how ? That would help future people when the thread gets achieved and they have similar problems =)
  8. uhm hi i just leaving this here... and sneaking out... (sry had no choice must do it right now dont hate). ima sry @nome Attack on Nome Nome best and only legit meme worldwide.
  9. I use Mods for everygame where its possibel. The Reason is simpel i love to Customize the Game, as good a game can be any guy have something that he Like a lot or not. And the Possibility to change that to ur own preference is wonderful it makes the Game more interesting or challenging depending on what u like etc... Even when u Finished a Game in Vanilla status u still can go and Add mods and make a new Whole run with a complete different experience~ Thats the beuty part of the Modding. The bad Part is that u sadly need coding experience atleast the Basics to make some decent mods otherwise u need to ask for Help from someone who knows it, Dont missunderstand me its okay to ask Help but its time consuming as heck for both sides. If u cant do it urself u have to wait if anytime someone does the right mod u exactly wanted all the time. For my Part I love every mod expect mods that make the game tooo easy or cheating like hell. But i also using mods like more tent uses or Mandrake Tree etc...~ When i can Balance it means i need 1. Work for it not easy to obtain or 2. It can be tweaked. Exampel when the Mod calls "Infinity Tent uses" it would be cheating but when u can tweak it, it can be balanced and Rough exampel Vanilla : 5 Tent uses - Tweaked : 20 Tent uses. Also to mention is i try to add as much possibel content / Additional Content as i can. I love to explore and doing much stuff in the world. Thats my Personal Like about mods. On the Sidenote Modding for games opened my eyes for me and i know that my Lifetimedream is to be a Game Devolper its the Ultimate way to make ur own stuff for games and i try to make it true with my 0 Experience in coding i dont give up and hope someday i can make it come true. Greetings