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  1. Well done with the young boy/girl with issues over skin. Such kindness and gentleness mixed with caring about the troubled can't be admired enough. I applaud your deed, my good sir.

    1. SenpaiArtorias


      It Sounds Sarcastic but ima not sure because i dont know u . -.

    2. Arlesienne


      I am not sarcastic - not this time. You really did a commendable thing even though you could have just ignore the kid. You should be proud and keep it up.

  2. Im using a Tablet, thats why i got like most peopel stuck to Paint Tool Sai great tool i love it , and i forgot the dark dust on bottom of the Nightmare bush fcked that up and quitted and done the 2 chars xD . Edit : I was bored dont mind me . -.
  3. Ty , i using Paint Tool Sai the problem is more i tested around with coloring and somehow i never get it looking how i image it should be. I watched and tested out several Tutorials and coloring Styles. But didnt find my way to do right coloring for me atm . _. . Greetings
  4. @Dudedude ty and sry , i wish i could do draw better and copy actually the DST Artstyle or actually being good at coloring. But im still to bad for that atm Dx PS : Forgot how to do Spoilers dam xD
  5. Well i didnt asked u before, and u may have them already reworked/polished whatever. But i wanted know how they look in Digital Art so i did it shortly. Dont hit me i dont take any Credits for that, all credits goes to u o/. Greetings Same for u @spiderdian <3
  6. Im just curious which Program u use and which brushes / Custom brush settings u use to draw ur great Art :D ?

    1. KaStar23


      I use Manga Studio, and I mainly just use the rough pencil brush, but I like to mix and match sometimes.

    2. SenpaiArtorias


      Thank u for the Information really kind c:

  7. Ouw i wish i could pay u out. But cant from my own Situation currently need first realesing my first Project to do such things. But Dont give Up it can be Hard but dont let u get down Haley u can do it. Wish u Good Luck and sucess on ur Path.


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    2. SenpaiArtorias


      Yes i know! )=  But as mention would bite with my personal charackter its a Bigger Project so i appreciate the Help but would be going on Chaos when some artist doing a part of the work and then the Style of the art changes for the rest of the work :/ Sry


    3. HaleyRaye


      Haha, it's fine. I just meant if you ever need any advice or concept sketches (NOT final projects) I'd be willing to help with that, no cost. I get it, sorry, your language before sort of confused me. Good luck on the project!

    4. SenpaiArtorias


      Yes sry for the bad English its terribel i know :^) Juts Complicated to hassle with wanted only to wish u good luck because i know how hard it is :p

  8. @DragonMage156 Well u can still ask some people for some Practice Together thats the sense of DST "We Survive Together, we die Together!" and when u got some Tips and tricks its easier for u c: Greetings
  9. @Fidooop I throw Money on the Screen but nothing Happens ?
  10. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    uhm hi i just leaving this here... and sneaking out... (sry had no choice must do it right now dont hate). ima sry @nome Attack on Nome Nome best and only legit meme worldwide.
  11. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    *Feral Joe
  12. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    "Definitely not" Skin series confirmed ?
  13. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  14. Art Time! [Reqs open!]

    @TGI 1. Ur Only do Art for Dont Starve Generally or open for anything =) ? 2. Ur Currently Involved in a Big Project / Work or having Freetime to do some stuff ? @Topic Great Artsyle would love to see more from u Greetings
  15. Welp using Paint Tool Sai too , but i failed hard on trying to copy the artsyle from DS. But i will try then again with default brush hope i can get used to the artsyle xD. Anyway thanks for reply , and good job on ur Portraits so far =). Greetings