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  1. UndueHen's Art

    A Shadow In The Dark
  2. When you're playing Willow and Bernie runs out of durability so you go hunt down the Wilson on the server
  3. UndueHen's Art

    Digital drawing of Willow incoming soon!
  4. UndueHen's Art

    Winter Wolfgang
  5. UndueHen's Art

    Thank you. I used a pen to get the fine lines and went over the larger areas with Ink and paintbrushes. I picture Wilson would probably take himself too seriously as a scientist so I tried to add some more playful elements like the goggles and his intense marshmallow roasting
  6. UndueHen's Art

    Day 3 of InkTober. I couldn't resist drawing Wilson, He reminded me of Dr. Frankenstein so I made WX Frankenstein
  7. UndueHen's Art

    Not Don't Starve related, But i've been playing the Hot Lava Beta and couldn't resist doing a watercolor painting of Hazard
  8. UndueHen's Art

    Forge Wilson! I saw the skins Toni and May were showing off during last Thursday's stream and ended up drawing this.
  9. UndueHen's Art

    Hey everyone! Sorry about my lack of art, I've been pretty busy lately. But I hope to be posting more soon! I was thinking about doing an Easter themed Don't Starve drawing for next month too
  10. UndueHen's Art

    a little drawing I did during the stream today
  11. UndueHen's Art

    In celebration of the Klei store re-opening
  12. Dupe-A-Day!

    My dupe seems to be a fan of Don't Starve
  13. UndueHen's Art

    This is a bit of an older one, but it's one of my favorites I've done so far
  14. UndueHen's Art

    Thank you. I'm sure your art is good too
  15. Hi, This is my first time posting my art on the forums so hopefully I did this right. I did this drawing of Wilson and Willow for Valentine's Day