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  1. Version 2.1.2


    I'm not 100% done with this model, there are a lot of small things I need to do, I'd love feedback if you play as him of things I need to do. Thanks! STEAM DOWNLOAD So I decided to make a mod of my favorite OC, I have a lot of things to finish but I promise to update him soon. HE DOES"T CRASH!! Hunger: 300 Health: 200 Sanity: 150 He doesn't sleep and his sanity is very fragile but not to worry! He doesn't eat often! I haven't finished making his perks yet but I'll update when I do!!
  2. TaDa 2.0.1 (Playground Model)

    You mean make your own mod?
  3. TaDa 2.0.1 (Playground Model)

    I probably will tomorrow