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  1. On 4/30/2022 at 5:16 AM, Mr.Rickzzs said:

    I am willing to translate this app into Chinese hoping that more people can benefit from this. Can you share the source code so that I can do this easier? Otherwise I have to translate all the string that have been formatted.

    Thanks for offering to provide a Chinese translation.  However, the checklist has accumulated some cruft over the years and, in its current form, not very suited to support a language toggle.  Perhaps if I ever rewrite the checklist, translations for other languages could be integrated then.  But, for now, the checklist will only support English.  If you're still interested in the current code, you can view it here:

    EDIT (06/02/2022): Today's Midsummer Cawnival / Klei Fest update added 11 new skins to the game.  The checklist has been updated to Version 1.12.4.  Here is Wes doing his idle with the new Cawnival Shrub Hat (Bush Hat) and Midsummer Frest (Summer Frest) skins:


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  2. On 10/22/2021 at 1:37 AM, Iconer said:

    Hi, thank you for updating the Tradable Duplicate Skins Matcher . :) Unfortunately, something is wrong now, some of the skins are listed as tradable when they are not. For example the foolish flute shouldn't be there.

    And one other thing - I have over 2000 skins. I know you already fixed that problem for the Checklist. I suggest you add an "Add more" button under each textarea which would display an additional area for the second part.
    But no need to hurry with this. Just for the tool to be perfect ;-) 


    Thanks for catching that!  I've just updated the matcher again to fix that bug.  Also, the matcher will now prompt you for a 2nd JSON if you exceed 2000 skins in either Inventory A or B.

    EDIT (10/26/2021): The patch yesterday changed the name of 2 skins, as well as added 1 new skin (a variant of the Trick or Treat Chest at Elegant rarity).  Original Trick or Treat Chests had their rarities changed from Elegant to Heirloom Elegant and are now marketable/tradable. 

    Also notable, Trick or Treat Chests will no longer drop from Daily or Weekly drops.  As of yesterday's patch, Elegant Trick or Treat Chests can only be obtained from the Hallowed Nights 2021 login bonus (if you haven't received it already) while Heirloom Elegant Trick or Treat Chests are now obtained from the Trade Inn.

    The checklist has been updated to Version 1.11.12.  Likewise, the matcher has also been updated to reflect the above.

    EDIT (11/18/2021): Today's An Eye for an Eye update (Terraria crossover) added in 36 new skins.  Hallowed Nights 2021 also ended with this patch.  The checklist has been updated to Version 1.11.13 to reflect these changes.

    Here is a preview of some of the new skins - Walter (Merchant Hat, Merchant Coat, Merchant Pants, Merchant Boots, and Spectre Paintbrush), Wanda (Last Prisms, Terraprisma, and Voidbag), and Wortox (Shadow Helmet, Shadow Scalemail, and Lightsbane):
    walter.thumb.png.97ebd8081b913bf391d85a2fb488cd16.png wanda.thumb.png.0ca7989233198b657b03c92f889b7aa1.png wortox.thumb.png.a36bfbfc7952ed59ee4d741147c1bb68.png

    EDIT (11/24/2021): Today's patch changed the name of "Meat Bulb" to match its prefab name of "Lureplant".  The checklist has been updated to Version 1.11.14.

  3. Today's final update for Return of Them added in 6 new skins to the game.  The checklist has been updated to Version 1.11.5.  Here is the new Woolly Chester skin in its normal, shadow, and snow forms:


    On 5/5/2021 at 3:49 AM, myxal said:

    Anyone else having issues in Chrome v90? (Haven't used the checklist in ~a month, TBH).

    After pasting in the Steam inventory JSON, the page hangs and dies in a CPU-ignited fire.

      Reveal hidden contents

    @Instant-Noodles Waited 2 minutes, no result; what's weird is that my inventory size should have gone _down_ since I used the checklist last time, as I put all the common tradables on the market.


    Rasterizer, eh? *glances suspiciously at Intel's GPU drivers*

    JSON: inv1.json

    EDIT: never mind. The page did finish rendering after ~4 minutes. I don't remember it being this slow, especially not after pasting the inventory in. :-/

    Thanks for the report, but I am unable to replicate the slowdown/freeze with your json.  On my machine, using Chrome v90.0.4430.93, the pasting of the json, syncing of the checklist, and updating of the page view takes about 3 to 4 seconds total.



    My last change to the checklist sync function was in March 2021 when I added support for multipage json inventories.  However, the code for the syncing of single json files remain unchanged.  So, I'm not sure why your browser is suddenly freezing for up to 4 minutes on sync.  As it's the rasterizer that's hanging for you, it could be, as you suggested, related to your Intel iGPU drivers?

    EDIT (06/03/2021): Today's Midsummer Cawnival update added 9 skins to the game.  The checklist has been updated to Version 1.11.6.

    EDIT (06/24/2021): The Webber Character Refresh was released earlier today.  Aside from Heirlooming Webber's original The Guest of Honor, Survivor, Triumphant, and Roseate skin sets, this patch also added 18 new skins to the game.  The checklist has been updated to Version 1.11.7.

    Here is The Farmspider Webber with the Homespun Seed Pouch and Homespun Garden Hoe equipped:

    EDIT (08/13/2021): Yesterday's Waterlogged update included 42 new skins.  As part of the update, Endtable skins now also grant Stagehand skins.  The checklist has been updated to Version 1.11.8.

    Here are the newly added The Verdant lineups:
    walter_nature.thumb.png.977d8e45a8c091940b0c0ebf3d811d45.png warly_nature.thumb.png.aa360a5ce9b9c326f70a2c789157c3e7.png webber_nature.thumb.png.f77988faf36763aa6116458f05198e71.png wendy_nature.thumb.png.b1afa07bbd1cf4e4df236bf9eca98693.png wortox_nature.thumb.png.dd4d1783972ee79acb5e5eca33688988.png

    EDIT (09/09/2021): Today's patch introduced Wanda and 21 new skins to the game.  The checklist has been updated to Version 1.11.9.

    Here is Base, Guest of Honor, Triumphant, and Tinkersmith Wanda in her normal, old, and young forms:
    wanda_none.thumb.png.ca6d055b3bbabbf00385bf7c82f2bcc1.png wanda_formal.thumb.png.f011cf0ffc47528cb230e951487632eb.png wanda_shadow.thumb.png.8f0fdc52ce80f9ab47db8512b7e1b84e.png wanda_steampunk.thumb.png.f9cefebc80c55bd7fdfaa192644bfc90.png

    As well, here is Wanda performing her unique idle while wearing/holding the Orange Jammie Shirt, Orange Jammie Pants, Splumonkey Sack, and Rustic Troch from the new Starter Pack 2021 skins items:


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