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  1. What time it will be the events? They will be online at the same time?
  2. So! How.. to get.. more yellow dots?
  3. Mine's right here if anyone want to cooperate
  4. So for everyone to know. If you type something wrong, you 'll have to do all it again. Type someone else YELLOW PASSWORD in YOUR page, but anyone do know what to do with the black one?
  5. Maybe it's taking a lil' longer today because they are putting the steam log in?
  6. If you look... You see in the wall ''Never gonna give you up''
  7. Tbh I always expects that now days.. .The first time I took a surprise, and expected some voices, or something like that... So everytime I open the site it's with low sound and happy music... Ya never know!
  8. welp, bunnies lurking in the shadows, something I see everyday. tell me your secrets, bunnies... what mysterys you hide...
  9. Oh, thank you for telling me, and sorry for not reading before <3 In the other torch there's one too.
  10. Really? ...Ooh you bunny.. watching in the shadows... what are your secrets bunny, tell me... getting a little crazy over here.. i'll go pick some flowers.
  11. About the site... Riiight there, anyone can say that there's something behind that wall or I'm seeing things? I could be crazy, but could be something there.
  12. Yeah, I was thinking that too. They even showed the skins in the trailer.. but maybe they don't want to hype us to much? The mind of a dev it's a mystery to me
  13. Maybe it will be more things, maybe less, but it was that last puzzel.
  14. If this puzzel it's anything like the last one, we will get a loyal skin and I GUESS a new collection.....rose collection pls