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  1. Since Wes' Lover skin is a crossover between Joseph and Josuke, I tried to make an outfit that compliments the crossover.
  2. Is it too late to take back my best dev nomination?
  3. Okay, so it's clear to me what you guys were going for with Wes' new skin, but then I realized something that seals the whole deal. Klei, I know I said I love you. But for real this time: my love for you has officially become boundless.
  4. No, please. I want this to be kept the way it is.
  5. I am aware of that, but I'm kind of hoping that Klei will keep them up on Steam due to my lack of funds and lack of spools at the given moment. And seeing as the Verdant collection is specifically labeled "Year of the Varg" it seems that it will be a once-every-12-years type of thing, like I mentioned before. So having the collection up on Steam would be nice for those people who miss out on them for whatever reason, in my opinion. EDIT: I'm basically going through the 5 stages of grief. I'm at bargaining right now.
  6. There's one thing that got me curious: will the Verdant and Beating Heart Chests remain permanently available for purchase on the Steam store even after you're no longer able to buy them in-game, or will they get removed from Steam as well?
  7. Following up on my previous post, I particularly would want the Quilted Outerwear and Dainty Coatdress, but I'm not sure if it has been confirmed if those can drop this year. I understand that the Rooster/Gobbler themed skins wouldn't drop, but I thought the Outerwear and Coatdress would be available to drop annually.
  8. It seems that skins from last year's event such as the Rooslet and Trapper Hats don't drop. And I hope the chance to get them will come back soon because I'm not sure if I'll be able to wait 11 years for the next Year of the Rooster. But on the other hand, I probably will still be playing DST then, so I don't mind it that much.
  9. I tried reproducing it myself, and I only got it on the first try after launching the game for the very first time today. I couldn't get it again the next couple of tries, however, even after relaunching the game. Can't figure out the timing either now. I was thinking other people have this issue, but I guess not. And this seems to be no big deal since the issue resolves itself by going back to the menu again. Nothing game breaking either. So I guess this can be closed. Thank you for looking into this.