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  1. Well... how can I put this without sounding too silly... I Never play Don't Starve Together with a Controller and when I start the game I did click on 'disable the Controller' option, so I never tought the controller was the issue. So yes, I unpluged the controller and everything is perfect now. Thank's a lot for your time and next time, I'll try to botter the forum with a more serious question (like when will they put the Adventure mode on Don't starve together!). Have a nice day!
  2. I checked the integrity of the game cache on steam (right clicked on game, properties, local files, verify integrity of game cache...) and it makes no difference. Here is the picture you asked for. I also tried to press 'Button 9' and... no result. (Thank's in advance for the help!)
  3. Since the last update, I've been unable to host a game... When I go into server creation the "Genrate World" button doesn’t show up anymore, nor does the 'back" button in any menus... Anyone has had this bug? I've updated Windows and all my drivers, and reinstalled the game anew and this still persists... Here are my specs: - Windows 10 - intel(r) core(tm) i5-4570 cpu @ 3.20gh - NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 - motherboard : Asus H81M-E Note: I have play 200 hours in the Beta and this was never an issue. The problem start with the official release.