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  1. And to rub salt in the wound we get two new Maxwell, Winona and Wx skins in a row. I know Klei is doing their best and maybe the selected characters sell more skins but poor Wormwood needs a little bit of love too
  2. I was hoping for a Wormwood skin since the other new characters already have one
  3. Me right now... just kidding I love you Klei...
  4. Maybe you should expect spoilers in a topic called Hamlet Data Mining, Speculating, Art Assets, Model Dumping & More! (SPOILERS!) Anyway the new character looks great, can't wait to play it and hoping a tiny bit he/she/it makes it to DST in the new wave of content
  5. I was hoping for verdant skins for the rest of the cast Anyway, I can't buy the contenders skins, are they enabled yet?
  6. Thank you so much Klei! The lantern looks great. Kinda sad that we didn't get snowfallen skins for the rest of the survivors
  7. The game takes a bit longer than usual to load for me too. Also I think the pig guards are still using torches as weapons