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  1. Didn't really keep track but it filled the afternoon on and off.
  2. It's time for something a little different. So here's some pixel art. I'm not obsessed with Walani, I swear.
  3. WX is the opposite of everyone though. Walani belongs to the sea. "The ocean and I are getting married." Thinking about it, that's more woodlegs.
  4. Got lazy with the background in the cleaner version. I enjoy the scratchy sorta style more as well, but it feels so lazy, might upload some sketches like that though.
  5. Haven't drawn anything in a while, so here's Walani not being scared of the free walking cane boss. Also the initial sketch.
  6. This didn't quite turn out how I wanted it to, but if I edit it more i'm just going to mess it up.
  7. Thanks! Slight side note: Gonna finish up Wickerbottom now, was doing Christmas preparation stuff
  8. Thanks! Means a lot. Not quite sure what indi-techniques are though, probably just me being dumb though and missing the obvious.