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Hello there, I'm Linc. A person who stalks Chris1488 because he has nothing better to do.

Mistake me for a girl and I'll uh... do something weird.

Honestly, these sprites aren't ENTIRELY made by me all I did was find the original sprites and did some wacky pdn shenanigans, want an example?

I took the ears from 1XubES5.gif, then I took the head from Kuuol7r.gif, removed the hat and put the ears on the head, then I put the head on the body of dqkKfsf.gif, then I started recoloring the hair, the clothes and the eyes to make UJfwJhw.gif, all the credit goes to Hemogurobin a1c (へもぐろびんA1C) on pixiv for being the original creator of the sprites. I just want to get that out of the way to clear any possible confusion, I'm hoping no one minds because I used to do this sort of things with Pokemon sprites, and I'm hoping no one minds if I do this sort of thing with these sprites.