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  1. Willow Fanart

    Thank youu.. yeah i really like the gorge background its really fit with forlon doll willow skins
  2. http:// This is my Willow Fanart .. hope you all like it..
  3. [Game Update] - 329526

    Yeah.. you're right.. her lips need to moved up a little bit.. that's really look good .. hope klei change it..
  4. When aporkalypse comes my wilba turn into werepig (i forgot to put the silver necklace) so i trying to go to calendar as werepig wilba and then i getting struck by lightning and when i go to the ruins the night vision is gone. So i make a new save to trying if it's because the lightning, then i make my wilba into a werepig then go to thunderbird, gettig struck by lightning a multiple times, and then go to the ruins.. and yeah the nightvision is gone.. i dunno it's a bug or not.