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  1. you must be fun at parties!
  2. that's one way to look at it, if you only like straightforward facts handled to you on a plate. It brings in the existence of shadow creatures in the regular world, the fact that she had real powers as a child, that bernie is somehow shadow creature repellent, not only in the constant. And her parents are missing, I don't think simply the power of love is the answer to her cool gifts someone dabbled in dark magic and paid the price. Be patient, friend! The journey of finding things out is more fun than the end goal to everything lol
  3. glitterdoodles

    Yo when did using textures become taboo? Anyway I just saw the trailer and I am Living
  4. so in other words
  5. glitterdoodles

    kc Thanks! I love your avatar a ton btw so cute That's really flattering! For the wooden floor I used the game's texture for it, just adjusted it a bit for the sake of perspective !
  6. glitterdoodles

    /slides into your notifications edit: i just realised this is my 150th post here. happy 150!
  7. watch me waste my time instead of gathering documents for my visa case orz
  8. glitterdoodles

    Hahah nah, they're playing "Wilson finds the meaning of christmas &Webber helps. by eating candy" also that aint blush! its lighting from fire! lol
  9. glitterdoodles

    merry january everyone
  10. glitterdoodles

    it was supposed to be a "im wearing nice clothes" since its from a "draw x in y clothes" request thing! but i can see that, lol ye! it was commissioned and a delight to draw!!
  11. glitterdoodles

    time to update this thread a little, huh?
  12. [Game Update] - 247542

    don't starve has always been ridiculous tho. bad puns, messed up creatures, exaggerated characters, and lotsa dying. its pretty grotesque. if you want more story-related events i'm afraid you'll have to wait - if they released everything at once there'd be nothing to anticipate anymore, and personally, as an artist, i love them new designs. they're eye-candy and very pleasurable to draw. like, even i dont play as much regular dst anymore but im still into it thanks to the widely laid-out updates. i agree that people bragging isnt the greatest to look at but stuck up pricks are gonna exist in every game where it's possible to best someone. unfortunate but meh, what can you do? (plus, if you're playing with a group of friends, you can just choose not to use any of the decorative parts of the game! theres always that option)
  13. [Game Update] - 247542

    like your worst nightmare
  14. a thread for dev memes

    He Who Moves Mountains With But A Line Of Code