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  1. Actually, my bonded previously tamed (but not anymore) beefalo doesn't attack me when it goes into heat, unless I spawn right next to it as described in the bug report. It will act similarly towards chester. Equipping the hat is barely even a temporary solution because as soon as the hat is unequipped, it will resume attacking immediately, even if I've been miles away for ages. I also don't understand why they go in heat in autumn now as well as spring.
  2. I have bonded a beefalo with the bell. Whenever it's in mood and I have the bell on me, it will always immediately attack me when I connect to the server. If I keep the bell in a chest in my camp, this happens only occasionally when the beefalo happened to be too close to me when I connected. It seems to be particularly likely to happen if I rollback the server to the start of a day when I happened to be riding the beefalo or I just had the bell on me at the time of the save. Once the beefalo gets in this state, there doesn't seem to be any way to escape its wrath, at all. Leaving the bell very far away causes it to act like it has forgotten that it's attacking me, but when I return after going away for a while, it resumes its attack as soon as I am within the bell area. If I'm quick, I can feed it some food/grass/twigs, but this doesn't calm it down. If I break the bond with the bell, the beefalo keeps chasing me indefinitely as far as I can be bothered to run from it. Related to this, a fresh completely wild beefalo seems to get stuck in this state if you bond it with the bell and then try to saddle it without feeding it at all.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to make a server mod and still just playing around but I've hit an issue that I don't quite understand. In modmain.lua I want to do some stuff with radians, but I get an error in the server log: [string "../mods/mymod/modmain.lua"]:186: attempt to perform arithmetic on global 'RADIANS' (a nil value) I don't understand what else I need to do to be able to use that constant in my mod: require("constants") function Test() ... do stuff with RADIANS ... end Test()
  4. All other audio on my PC automatically goes to headphones when I plug them in, and back to speakers when unplugging them. Don't Starve Together does not. E.g. I get a call and plug in headphones (with microphone) to take the call, all other sound is correctly redirected to the headphones, while Don't Starve Together continues playing over the speakers, so I muted it via Volume Mixer. Eventually I ended the call and unplugged the headphones, unmuting Don't Starve Together. All seemed fine. After a minute or so, the sound stuttered, and something crashed in the background because all Don't Starve Together sound disappeared and Windows popped a message asking if I'm having trouble with audio and if I want to run the troubleshooter. I had to restart Don't Starve Together to get sound again (although all sound from other applications was fine).
  5. Similar to another group-related bug, the Auto Group Admins setting is always set to No when going to host an existing server, even if this was previously set to Yes.
  6. I have a group server, and every time I go to start it, the Group ID is populated with the 64-bit group ID, which is not accepted. New servers exhibit the same behaviour when disconnected and restarted. I would suggest that the correct behaviour is either, and preferably both of: Accepting the 64-bit group ID as well as the short group ID in the Group ID field Unless Steam is deprecating short group IDs, populate the field with whichever ID (64-bit or not) was actually configured, and do not switch to the other one
  7. Since the Halloween UI update, I am no longer able to create a group-only server in game
  8. The tea tree stumps have become inflammable. I cannot light them manually using tools and they won't burn when nearby tea trees are set on fire. The tree on the screenshot was burned before the game was saved. The stumps did not catch fire. I have no mods installed or active, and this is the current steam version. porkland_1
  9. Heavy-Watt Wire construction cannot be started at the highlighted Joint Plate conduit. It can be started from the other one though. Other Joint Plated don't seem to be affected. Inescapable Base.sav
  10. The Algae Terrarium empty animation seems to only play with the dupe on the right side of the terrarium. This happens even if there is a wall on the right of it, in which case the dupe will appear to go inside the wall and proceed to empty the terrarium from inside the wall: Note that the dupe is standing in front of the terrarium while emptying it, and it's just the animation that plays that makes it appear like he does it from inside the wall.
  11. Dupes that have run out of breath and are looking for oxygen will equip an atmo suit in order to pass a suit checkpoint on the way to a breathable gas pocket, then take the helmet off to recover breath but this doesn't make sense when the atmo suit itself provides oxygen. It would make far more sense for dupes near a full atmo suit to simply use the atmo suit itself for recovering breath -- why send them all the way into potentially germ-infested rooms past the checkpoint and have them take a perfectly breathable atmo suit helmet off in order to breathe from the environment? At the same time, their status suggests that they're already recovering their breath, but the recover breath task is not cancelled and completed in full, including taking off the helmet as if the suit was depleted and not a source of oxygen at all.
  12. I can confirm this is still an issue, though in my case I noticed no problems, other than the invalid port overlap message itself.
  13. I can confirm this with slimelung "Dying off" in Chlorene. Furthermore, they "Dying off" effect due to low germ count completely stops dying off at any reasonable rate around 200 germs or so.