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  1. Similar to another group-related bug, the Auto Group Admins setting is always set to No when going to host an existing server, even if this was previously set to Yes.
  2. I have a group server, and every time I go to start it, the Group ID is populated with the 64-bit group ID, which is not accepted. New servers exhibit the same behaviour when disconnected and restarted. I would suggest that the correct behaviour is either, and preferably both of: Accepting the 64-bit group ID as well as the short group ID in the Group ID field Unless Steam is deprecating short group IDs, populate the field with whichever ID (64-bit or not) was actually configured, and do not switch to the other one
  3. Since the Halloween UI update, I am no longer able to create a group-only server in game
  4. The tea tree stumps have become inflammable. I cannot light them manually using tools and they won't burn when nearby tea trees are set on fire. The tree on the screenshot was burned before the game was saved. The stumps did not catch fire. I have no mods installed or active, and this is the current steam version. porkland_1
  5. Heavy-Watt Wire construction cannot be started at the highlighted Joint Plate conduit. It can be started from the other one though. Other Joint Plated don't seem to be affected. Inescapable Base.sav
  6. The Algae Terrarium empty animation seems to only play with the dupe on the right side of the terrarium. This happens even if there is a wall on the right of it, in which case the dupe will appear to go inside the wall and proceed to empty the terrarium from inside the wall: Note that the dupe is standing in front of the terrarium while emptying it, and it's just the animation that plays that makes it appear like he does it from inside the wall.
  7. Dupes that have run out of breath and are looking for oxygen will equip an atmo suit in order to pass a suit checkpoint on the way to a breathable gas pocket, then take the helmet off to recover breath but this doesn't make sense when the atmo suit itself provides oxygen. It would make far more sense for dupes near a full atmo suit to simply use the atmo suit itself for recovering breath -- why send them all the way into potentially germ-infested rooms past the checkpoint and have them take a perfectly breathable atmo suit helmet off in order to breathe from the environment? At the same time, their status suggests that they're already recovering their breath, but the recover breath task is not cancelled and completed in full, including taking off the helmet as if the suit was depleted and not a source of oxygen at all.
  8. I can confirm this is still an issue, though in my case I noticed no problems, other than the invalid port overlap message itself.
  9. I can confirm this with slimelung "Dying off" in Chlorene. Furthermore, they "Dying off" effect due to low germ count completely stops dying off at any reasonable rate around 200 germs or so.
  10. Slimelung that is "Dying off: 100% dead/cycle" in polluted oxygen due to too few germs are not dying off at the specified rate. In fact, the dying rapidly slows down and tapers off at around 200-300 germs and gets stuck there. There is no indication on the tooltip that more germs are being created, so I would expect them to completely die off within one cycle instead of being left with 200 germs per tile of polluted oxygen. This may be related to Inescapable Base.sav
  11. Water may pile up to hundreds of kg by being propped up by mere mg of gas in a pocket, even if the gas above is only 100-150g in density but is a different type of gas than the pocket. Note that small amounts of gas will dislodge small amounts of water, but no amount of water seems to dislodge any gas pocket if the surrounding gas is a different type of gas. Inescapable Base.sav
  12. There is a large pocket of vacuum surrounding my carbon skimmer. It was built entirely submerged in carbon dioxide, and seems to be sucking in the gas as quickly as possible, but this is not enough to run it at 100% capacity. It makes it look like carbon dioxide is extremely viscous as it can't fill this huge vacuum bubble as fast as the skimmer can create it (at 300g/s). The Regrettable Utopia.sav
  13. Buildings that consume resources per second will not use up lower quantities of resources, ever. This is particularly problematic in the case of air filters where there could be e.g. 3g of polluted oxygen containing continuously multiplying slimelung germs stuck in there permanently. Of course, there are ways of getting rid of it at great expense, but this is not practical when clearing a large cavity of slimelung polluted oxygen with multiple air filters. At some point the air filters have no more polluted oxygen to clean and they are left with small quantities of it that are slimelung breeding grounds and are released if the buildings are deconstructed.
  14. The pre-release scale of the research tree was just fine. There is now two zoom levels which are completely useless for me (1080p resolution, 15 inch screen, 100% scaling): Zoomed out is far too small to the point that it's useless unless I already knew what I was looking for and where it is; zoomed in is far too big to be useful unless you were already looking at what you wanted to look at. The zoom should be analog, or at the very least there should be a third zoom level in between the two.