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  1. I cant quite remember where I got that hair piece... but it was originally red, and i used a wee bit of the ol' marker to get it to be black.
  2. Yeah the science machine was probably the hardest one to make, I didnt have many pieces that would actually work well for it
  3. So a little while back, I felt like making some lego Don't Starve stuff, partially because I noticed no one else has really done too much of that. So I went and you know, made some lego dont starve things like wilson, and chester and some of the structures, etc. Anyway I guess I just feel like seeing what you all think of it. Wilson with walking cane next to a campfire Wigfrid and Chester (chester was tricky to make) crock pot with lid sciencee machine (also quite tricky to make) And clockwork bishop with marble pillars around it I made a bit more stuff but those was some of th better ones i think
  4. Is it just me, or do most of the new trading cards seem like character ships o.o Also I got this background which looks pretty dang cool on my steam profile, i especially like the shadow creatures you can see at the sides
  5. Nice, this looks really cool, although i was kinda thinking shadow abi would be like the normal ghost but all black and with the same kinda evil eyes as wendy and the curly flower too.
  6. Yeah, that would be really cool, especially if it would look similar to Wendys skin or something... Also i wish that the werebeaver would change with woodies skin. AND it would be cool if maxwells shadow puppets changed a bit somehow with the skin.