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  1. Hi Zillvr, I tried the Option 1 to delete the specific corrupted session data that you pointed out and it worked great. I did not have to reselect character, the data was rolled back a little bit but still within the same day so it is no big deal, I did not lose many stuffs. So thank you very much for your enthusiasm and the time you invested in investigating the problem and giving 3 options for me to choose from, I really appreciate all those efforts ! Could you tell me how to figure out the corrupted session data (for example, the 0000000169 file above) ? So that I might fix the server if it ever gets crashed again.
  2. Hi there, Thank you for looking into the problem. I had those mods from a long time ago, I knew many were outdated (cause I enabled some for my last server and errors appeared) so I did not enable any of them before I hosted this server. I just unsubscribed and cleaned all the mods but the server still cannot be resumed, same error report. Could you inspect the Caves and Master server_log files I attach please, thank you ! server_log.txt server_log.txt
  3. Hi there, The server crashed while I was playing with 1 friend and after that I cannot resume hosting the server anymore. "Dedicated Server Failed To Start: There was some kind of trouble starting up the server. How odd." I attached the required files that I could find, please let me know if any other files are needed. (The Steam .mdmp file was not found according to your instruction). Thank you! DxDiag.txt client_log.txt