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  1. This isn't a bug, I had this experience and the reason it wouldn't supply materals to it because it was no water being pumped in the system. So just pump some water to the filter then the dupes will supply it.
  2. I feel like im wrong when i say because pipes can only take 2500 g/s
  3. Wolfgang health varies on his Hunger when mighty/wimpy. When decreasing on hunger, his health/max health stays constant, so hp decreases. this hp decrease, is seen as getting hurt in the game, emitting a sound each 1 rounded hp down (similar to the sound when the player get fire damage but less frequent).
  4. @Zillvr thx yea that was it, fixed it with registry editor
  5. sry late reply had to go somewhere irl client_log.txt but this seems out dated too, 5/28
  7. There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200
  8. (deleted the mods) honestly it changes every time i test, but somewhere between not seeing, ignoring boarders and mobs going over boarders while i cant. I also noticed that it wont save anything i do like generated worlds and my browsing server filter.
  9. did it and got the same crash report before. as my initial post said, it worked for when generating a new world, just when i join a server the bug shows (one that i didn't have a character registered).
  10. it looks like it somewhat worked as i didn't see any stuff in the ocean but there were invisible walls and it crashed on me.
  11. re-downloading the whole game AND unsubscribing to the mods to disable them did nothing
  12. All stuff like rocks, trees, bushes are intact but the terrain is corrupted. tried to take off all mods but when i disable all then click apply, the mods are still enabled when i check again. took all mods off, bug is still there. If I host the bug doesn't shows up.
  13. (This is before i already attacked him and currently aggro)When trying to kite, F/ctrl F maynot respond if player is far away enough. This is bad because the range is smaller then some mobs attack range such as deerclops. This makes you have to use mouse or manually walk back to him.
  14. Yes it has Twiggy trees as i experienced this bug too on new worlds, is this "bug" on purpose?