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  1. Hi ScotHansen, I am using the MOD "Tropical Experience" with game verision 504332, this error happens when I walk through a certain place in game.
  2. Hi, after recent update, my DST crashed several times when I was walking through a certain place. I am using Tropical Experience MOD. [00:02:35]: Assert failure 'false && "Invalid shape type!"' at ..\source\game\components\PhysicsComponent.cpp(542): Trace follows... FYI, environment: steam on Windows 10 game version: v504332(64-bit) ********************* Another question, where are the .mdmp files on Windows 10 (Steam DST). I tried to search *.mdmp files in steam/common and found nothing.
  3. Connecting via port 10999 on client PC does work, Thank you so much. @Klei, does port the change from 10888 to 10999 matter to code of searching LAN game posts in DST?
  4. More testing results: (1) if Hoster sets Steam Login status "invisible", game mode: Friends only, won't see through LAN or online with filter "friends", but could find it by the typing the name of server (2) if Hoster sets Steam status "online", game mode: Friends only, can see through online with filter "friends", won't see through LAN. Problem: (1) can't see the game host through LAN (2) can't see the game if the host sets Steam login status to "invisible".
  5. Hello, LAN only mode doesn't work today. After Mar 25 update, when I create a server via LAN only mode, my wife could no longer see my game post via "browse game". She could see me only if I switch my server into "friends only" mode. However, we still hope if we could still play a game of LAN only mode in privacy^ ^. I am connecting with my wife's computer via a RJ-45 wire (LAN adapter to LAN adapter), to build a LAN environment for DST as usual, and we use WIFI to connect to Internet. This framework has been working for over 1 year. Please try to help us.
  6. Thank you CarlZalph, your tutorial did show basic rules of parameters delivery of a function. I tried to learn from other MODs today, and finally finished my coding as below^ ^ AddComponentPostInit("floater", function(self) local OnLandedServer_old = self.OnLandedServer self.OnLandedServer = function(self, ...) if (self.inst.Transform ~=nil) then local x, y, z = self.inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition() local isOnOcean = GLOBAL.TheWorld.Map:IsOceanTileAtPoint(x, 0, z) if isOnOcean==true then if ((self.inst.prefab~=nil) and (self.inst.prefab ~= "shark_fin")) and (not self.inst:HasTag("monstermeat")) and self.inst.components.edible and (self.inst.components.edible.foodtype == FOODTYPE.MEAT or self.inst.components.edible.foodtype == "MEAT") and (not self.inst:HasTag("spawnnosharx")) then if math.random() <= 0.005 * self.inst.components.edible.hungervalue then local xx, zz, angle local i = 0 repeat angle = math.random() * 2 * 3.1415926 xx=x + math.cos(angle)*12 zz=z + math.sin(angle)*12 isOnOcean = GLOBAL.TheWorld.Map:IsOceanTileAtPoint(xx, 0, zz) i = i + 1 until (isOnOcean == true) or (i > 10) if isOnOcean == true then local sharx3 = SpawnPrefab("sharx") sharx3.Transform:SetPosition(xx, y, zz) end end end end end return OnLandedServer_old(self, ...) end end ) This seems to be working under simple tests.
  7. Hello there, I wanna add a feather into DST which is similar with Shipwrecked, which is, when an entity with foodtype of meat is landed on water, a hound will spawn nearby. I am starting with the SpawnPrefab("hound") lines. and they seem not be working when added to the "Floater" class. Please give me a hand. AddComponentPostInit("Floater",function(self, inst) local old_OnLandedServer = self.OnLandedServer self.OnLandedServer = function() local spawnprefab=GLOBAL.SpawnPrefab local x, y, z = self.inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition() local sharx1 = spawnprefab("hound") sharx1.Physics:Teleport(x, y, z) --sharx1.Transform:SetPosition(x, y, z) old_OnLandedServer() end end) However, Nothing happens when I created a DST server.