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  1. Wonderful, thanks! Think this is a 'bring a friend' boss, far to much HP to solo as it moves like the Dragonfly so no chance to really kite it. Correct. The Larae from the Dragonfly is needed to make the Broodling. Hatch it next to an ordinary fire and then stick it next to an endothermic fire to kill it. (It's ok, think of it as reincarnation!)
  2. How does one FIGHT the Bee Queen? I found the hive but I can't seem to interact with it at all. :c Edit: Should have guessed -> Smash it with a Hammer (Duh) Anyone know how much HP she has roughly?? Also here are the Pet Recipe(s) on one screenshot; hopefully this helps people (like me) remember them. I added the 'pet rock' for reference.
  3. I am a little confused about these changes myself. D: I understand that the new trees/bushes etc are in the game and that they spawn/despawn at the season changes etc and that is fine. (Although - Like many - I am wondering exactly what this means in regards to if I want to build up some sort of "base" in my world(s) - will my precious saplings all shrivel up and die after a certain amount of time? That would be a pain. The main thing is; I am about to start a new world and am looking at the world generation options and wondering what exactly they mean... I am talking specifically in regards to "Starting Variety" and "Changing Resources" ? Both of these options have a "None" section - which I switched to while generating a new world today. I expected this to have the effect of basically disabling these new resources from the world - but I am still finding twiggy trees in my world. Exactly how do these new options work exactly? I for one like the new resources, I just don't want a world where my "farms" I create will disappear each season.