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  1. Just a few suggestions.

    Only acceptable way by me to nerf robot is make a very hard time in pig town for him. Pigs will be distrustful for him and will treat him like outcast and despised item(whose according them should be just tool). Pigs does will unwillingly pay a half of wages for him works and will require 3x more price for wares in shops(4x of price for gears). Guards will be annoyed about WX-78 and sometimes someone of them even might attack him for mere presence or if robot will stay too close some of them.
  2. Since DS:Hamlet did comes out of early access, then we(I and other GOG users) does wait for release it on I have DS, RoG and SW on GOG already and I'll love to buy there a DS:Hamlet too, not on Steam(DRM). I does can buy DRM-Free games only. I and other gamers will be very glad and happy if Hamlet will can be bought on GOG.