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  1. The Boarilla and Wx became part of the espectators after the Boarilla used that ground pound it does when pissed off at the very edge of the screen. The two weren't able to come back and Wx could walk freely on the magma until he got hurled back to the arena with a couple of punches lol. The Boarilla luckily came back using the same method.
  2. [Game Update] - 277795

    I'm kinda glad it's ended. I gained 2 or 3 kg on weigh just sitting my butt here in a crave inducing game all day. Bad combination. Thanks, Klei; thanks for the fun event, too, I hope the participation prizes involve some spools, just missed the elegant shovel and wes's head Dx
  3. All meals in the entire match must be different from each other. You need "no repeat meal" badge in every match you want to qualify it as tournament match.
  4. I was on the ruins at day 10/50 of long Autumn, the game crashed inside the ruins. Upon restart, I was on day 1 of Autumn according to the season clock (mod) and was reset to default, (20 days of Autumn). I replicated the exploit by going to the ruins and force close with alt + f4, upon start up it rolled me back to day 1 of autumn. A second proper reset to the game (menu, quit, exit) fixed my default autumn to a long one, but remained on day 1/50. The ruins were on RoG map after traveling from SW. Thank you.