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  1. I am looking for a line of code that will effect my custom character whenever he crafts something. I know the way this works right now in the game is that each separate item has a line of code that will effect your character depending on what he or she is crafting, but I wanted to know if there was a code to add this effect on everything. For an example, whenever my character crafts an item I want them to lose a bit of sanity.
  2. One quick useful tip. Anyone trying to use these codes should probably add this as well = 0 I believe it speaks for itself. (You won't die from your own fire)
  3. Thank you Sudura2017! This was like the final piece of the puzzle and with the lavae script I was able to find the common denominators between all of the fire scripts, so I was able to complete it. inst:AddComponent("propagator") inst.components.propagator.propagaterange = 10 inst.components.propagator.heatoutput = 20 inst.components.propagator:StartSpreading() this is one part of the heat taken from the lavae pet lua, however you can notice that I have increase the values a bit (like four times as much) inst:AddComponent("heater") inst.components.heater.heat = MAX_HEAT local MIN_HEAT = 15 local MAX_HEAT = 210 and these were the final parts. Again I increased the max heat to 210 instead of 100 just to fit my needs. Thank you again.
  4. I have been making a character mod and my character is a type of fire elemental. I have been looking in all the fire type prefabs for don't starve together but I cannot find a code to make my character have the effect of fire. The effect I am looking for is my character to give off a heat that can set trees on fire like a level 4 campfire. Thank you.
  5. Ok, I have completed all of the steps so now what is supposed to happen.