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  1. You think this was great?


    Or my boss giving me the highest recommendation?


    The best thing was Mishka's return.

    She's an exceptional woman. But for the last few months, she'd be playing cat and mouse with the others. The crash of Mike's computer only worsened the situation. Everybody missed her, but the one steadily going mad with longing was Ayenth. Out of adults beyond Aventuria, she was the first to fully accept him, them forging the kind of friendship Charlotte cannot mess up. The last sessions with her also happened to involve good-humoured teasing of Mishka hitting on him (I almost regretted gifting Mike my Raggedy Rags back then). It grew until he kind of went BSOD (

    he's got bad experiences). Initially I thought little of it - just WX and Mish loling away.

    But the longer I looked, my conviction steadily grew: there's something there that wasn't there before.

    It's a complicated case. He didn't have any positive family models. This gap was filled by his faith and work. Getting swallowed changed nothing in this aspect, maybe apart from learning how to shoot and hunt at last. The thing is, he wasn't prepared for anything beyond agape, then philia, then storge. I suppose he's still going to have it rough, because he's shy and old-fashioned, cloistered even, and his undiagnosed asexuality doesn't help.

    But they found the way back home, and when she sprinted to him and embraced him, he didn't shirk away. It means nothing special to you with all the romance dripping off the TV and bestsellers, but to me, it's the beginning of a new era.