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  1. Plague doctors are liars that trick those around them into accepting snake oil that they call remedies. No wonder I like them so much.
  2. I like wearing oversized clothing because it makes me feel bigger than I really am.

    1. Mobbstar


      I don't because it makes me feel fat.

    2. Asparagus


      I wear them because I can stick my knees in there and be a potato

    3. InDenial
  3. No one told me that she got back. Lovely.
  4. How warm. y'know, if you light a man on fire, he'll stay warm for the rest of his life
  5. Okay, I think I'm okay now.

  6. i am learning that even mild popularity brings with it a storm of weird and NSFW

    shots of bleach are neccesary here

    1. Mobbstar


      Do it like me: Be an arsehole at times. Nobody will ever dare ship you with anybody.

    2. ImDaMisterL


      Now I'm curious

  7. Eh, I guess I'll follow you.

    saving this space for a drawing of something

    1. Mezukie


      Yay! *hugs*

  8. output_d0ISy2.gif

    1. Mobbstar


      This GIF is mildly concerning.

  9. Jesus Christ, I was such a **** as a child

    1. InDenial


      Oh, that's censored.

      Jesus Christ, I was such a cooper as a child.

    2. Mobbstar


      Jesus says that he agrees.

      Also, you won't be getting true love for christmas. Sucks.

    3. PiturcaClaudiuStef
  10. for all of you people that don't know how i sound, what kind of accent do you think i have

  11. Oh look, I'm theoretically going to write a rather long story but need some input on the actual setting and story. A disclaimer; I am typing what comes to mind regarding this story, so if nothing makes sense or otherwise doesn't read well, I apologize. If you need clarification on a certain detail, just ask and I'll answer as best I can without spoiling anything.

    The Short Version: The story talks about a fantasy world where human qualities and experiences are traded like commerce.

    The Slightly Longer But Still Relatively Short VersionThe fictional story talks about a setting where there is a world on a different plane where generally abstract or otherwise non-physical ideas/concepts are in a more physical form, complete with beings and people that are a collection of ideas and concepts. In this fantastical world, our own physical world would be something akin to a livestock ranch, with humans being the livestock and our qualities being what's harvested; our subjective experiences and qualities are like resources, collected and harvested for use in this abstract world to be made into something useful for these far off inhabitants. We barely notice ourselves being harvested because we've always considered it normal; you've all forgotten an idea that you thought was brilliant, you've all forgotten names of people that you haven't met in a while, you've all forgotten an idea you've formulated in showers, you've all lost memories to time.

    Now, the conflict here is exactly what is valuable to them. Ideas and memories, yes, they're satisfactory and are basic materials, and all they require is for us to not think about them for these inhabitants to harvest them. However, more complex ideas, such as subjective experiences charged with emotion, conceptualizations, and personalities, are more valuable in this world and require humans physically. Now, think about this; how many people disappear every year? Every month? Every day? How many people do you know that are missing? 

    The actual story here will talk about one of these disappeared people and their trouble to survive in this new world as they befriend and/or brutally murder the inhabitants along their return home.

    Would you actually read this kind of story?

    1. InDenial


      copied from my Unrealized Ideas thread; ask and answer there please

    2. MenaAthena
  12. You probably won't care, but they reopened the Mr. Eaten storyline in Fallen London. How do I know?

    Black cards were originally removed when Mr. Eaten was put on hiatus. I got a black card labelled ACE OF HUNGERS, with an option to roast chestnuts (typical), an option to go to a butchery and eat everything, and another to, well, "eat someone" in the sexual sense.

    I got a new item called A Bad End (which didn't exist pre-hiatus!), which allows you to opt out at anytime while also giving you a disclaimer that leaves the Fallen London team out of legal matters regarding the storyline.

    You think I should do it?

    1. ImDaMisterL


      Yes and that I should probably go back to Fallen London,

  13. I should draw my own profile pictures more often.

    1. Asparagus


      Yes... yes you should

    2. Mobbstar


      From afar, it looked like a minecraft screenshot :)

      Probably because of the bg strip

  14. Hair is fun to draw.

  15. It's not safe for me to get bored, because that's how you get a fire.

  16. Today I learned how much a broom hurts.

    Today I also made a sibling angry.

    1. Asparagus


      Today... almost everything went well... I'm waiting for the repercussions tomorrow... 

    2. MenaAthena


      so your sibling did you a violence?

      Me and my siblings can't do a violence to each other. 

  17. What would you people out there consider 'vintage' instruments?

    1. Asparagus



      Do you mean...

      The old Stradivarius violins?

  18. psst

    would you be up for a Drawpile stream

    1. LiptonPee


      :^^^^^) maybe not this late but tomorrow yes

  19. psst

    you think Lipton would be up to a Drawpile stream

    1. MenaAthena


      I dunno. Ask her.

    2. InDenial


      what about you

      would you be up for Drawpile

    3. MenaAthena


      internet is too bad right now

      but if you mean later, eh, it would depend on how I felt about it then

  20. i need something to reminisce about


    1. Mobbstar


      911? No. The blight of the Battals? Nah. Back when anything faintly related to anatomy had you get X-rayed? Nevermind.

      Oh! How about FF?

  21. psst

    what pixel art program do you use

  22. psst

    what was that pixel software you were using for that avatar

    1. MenaAthena


      Ask @Zeklo, he's the one who made it.

  23. boop


    1. Mobbstar


      Poop good!

      But Mena has patented surrealistic avatars, so I'm afraid I won't use this one XD