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  1. | aIm n9_ct_0 jost_0 to n9_ct_0 "h{'vIN\ w9_clz to haId_0 "bI'haInd |

    | aI k{nt tEl wVt_0 aI 'r\I"li:\ min {nd_0 wVt_s jVst V w9_Ol |

    | do aI 'r\I"li:\ hEit_0 maI fr\End_z |

    | {m aI V gUd_0 'p3"sIn If aI h{v DIz th9_ct_s |

    1. InDenial


      i forgot a diacritic mark

    2. Mobbstar


      I can't tell either, but I have a hunch.