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  1. You know, nevermind. I just want to told you the hamlet dlc is not even a real dlc. There is two mod that one of them you can go to sky city and the other one is the you can go underwater and they are great. They are not even offical. The hamlet is not a "DLC" as the cave updates. Yes yes yes. I understand to play wagstaff if it fit on your style. But her drawing is bad, her perks are basic. The night vision or teleport system don't add new mechanic to game. He just can craft items "Cheaper". There is night vision that you can make it from mole and I think it's more and more effective. There is a chep teleporter without sanity losing. I will not say anything about the wood broke machine because it's really creative. Yeah, it's hard to plant tons of plants but yeah, it's not super uselles. But when we look at all picture of "Waggstaf", we just saw a basic character. He is a scientsit but only thing he can craft it glasses. And the glasses are not different from other things. You can't craft or do better than wickerbottom book because it's her skill. You can't make maxwell minnions. But you can craft better night vision, you can craft better armors, you can craft firedarts. Only problem is not Waggstaf. I talked about it because you asked about it. Hamlet is not a "Completed" game. It's have bugs and lags. There is season boss. After a time, you just live easy and all of challanges dying. They could add random puzzles for founding treasures, they could add sewer, they could add a real city. Clothed pigs are not smart. Yes they bought things from us but they are uselles and the city is only for trading. The game tried to be life simulator but they sh*tted out
  2. Firstly I don't say "HE IS PIECE OF SH*T AND HE SHOULD BE REMOVED", I say, it's pretty basic. Wendy have a abigail which character never can get it. Abigail is perfect for harvesting spiders. She have good sanity and her sanity is nearly immune to darkness (The darkness is first reason about losing sanity). Wormwood is bad. If you would read the "ALL OF TEXT" like I said one billion times before, you would see it's not about Wagstaff. It's about everything also I think the wagstaff is best character added in hamlet. Wes is challange character and I think you wrote it "by mistake". Winona is together character and if you play with your friend you can gain items food easily. You can gain items in singleplayer too. She is more TECHNO than the wagstaff and she have ultra beatifull drawing. I can feel a femminist powerfull worker woman. And you say "Maxwell"... Are you kidding me? He can eat everything, he have normal fight power, he can sleep and he had not a curse. Yes his health is low but he have ultra brain. If he have not codex, i would choose him again because sanity gaining is great perk! After that the codex umbra let you farming stones, woods, foods, goods and everything you can realize. He is perfect character If you know his style. And I see you say one thing. The woods. I hate woodie but even woodie is better character. Yes he turn to an creature but you can solve that problem easily but the eye problem is not basic problem. You says, He can create machineSSS. Yeah, the only machine he can create is wood breaking hammer thing. The other ones are uselles. >ULTRA BİG BOY CRAZY HEAT VISSION: -Can't refil or fix -Have short durabilty -Not so cheap >Stupid basic miner hat thing -Can refill with bugs or bulb plant -Can be crafted easily -With mine farming or bugnet you can carry your fuel. If you read your writes correctly you can see it, you say "wood" everytime because is not a scientist. He is a lumberjack. The only thing he can do is easy wood. Yeah wood... So what? Woodie do that too without blind eyes or stomach problem.
  3. Yeah, but I don't think you read things we writed before. I didn't say that thing randomly. And also all negatives have pozitives. He have almost uselles portal and dangerous lazer but I'm saying it again, I didn't said it randomly, we were discussing.
  4. You just give advises, don't make character better. You can live in the desert if you have water but this not make desert good place to living.
  5. There is will not be any REAL updates and the game was not what I waited for. It's buggy, It's laggy and It's booring. Goodbye hamlet, you just was a good dream... Refusing time. (If game gets better I will buy it again.)
  6. I didn't said he is the clone of warbucks. I said they deleted warbucks because of this guy because the powers he can use is just like warbucks. Wagstaff have eating problems just like Warbucks. Wagstaff can investige with glasses just like the Warbucks. But warbucks have tinkering tab extra. And I want you think about him. Really, they have similar skills but Wagstaff have extra skills. Which wan't to choose? Just I wan't you realize that, klei adds new character. His name is Wanderer and he can't eat meat just like wigfrid. He gain sanity and health just like Wigfrid but he born with walking cane and a wanderer hat can protect you from sun. Probably nobody would play with Wilbur anymore. Adding something and removing something don't change anything.
  7. -It's wormholes everywhere and they are pretty transportation way with only 15 sanity. ALSO you should go near to which teleport you want and with that It's getting cancer after 2 teleport system. -And laser thing is so bad to use. I used it on winter and deerclops turned crazy. He burned all of my trees. After that that super ultra mega crazy lazers make all thing burn. Fire is not a good thing to play but I realized ice lazers would be great. -And really do you think the night vision is good? It's even not a night vision. It's heat vision. It's not renewable, it's not to easy to make and It's just added bc of he can't wear miner hat. You can't see stones, trees verywell and which crazy went fight when it's night?! OOOO IT'S HEAT VISSION WE ARE GHOST BUSTERS AND THE REAL HUNTER HUNT'S NIGHT. -The wood chopping is good but planting trees without cheaty mods like egg_plant take more time than chopping trees Also the range is short. He is playable but basic. The negative and pozitive skills are near themself. He don't like other character bc he is harder to play. Especially first times in the game...
  8. Sorry for my terrifying english. I want to say truth about hamlet. When I watched trailer of hamlet I was turned a crazy because don't starve is my favorite game. I beloved reign of giants. I liked very much the shipwrecked. That dlcs was original. After than I remember, I was studying my exams and my brother called me: "Heyy bro, there is a new don't starve" I just realized it's will be great game. Normally I download game cracked and if I like it I buy. But I trusted klei. It was a big mistake. I bought it in the first day and I played it for hours. I bought a home, bought some soldiers. Kills boss. And farming. ummm... So what was next? I became sad a bit but I didn't give up about game and I waited for new updates and the character has come. Wilba, the pig girl who can turn wolfgirl. Pretty basic. The Warbucks was pretty basic character too but not bad as I think. I liked him and played with him time by time. But you guys removed him. And I know why is it... Because of WAGSTAFF. He was a character in story but warbucks wasnt. You guys removed him because they was have almost same skills. Warbucks -Can't eat un-crockpot food -Can investige treasures -Gain sanity from money Wagstaff -Can't eat un-crockpot food -Can investige treasures -Can't gain sanity bc of his glasses (Talk about hats.) You can see it pretty well, he is the REMAKE of wagstaff and gamemakers know it pretty good. And also Wagstaff's drawing is really ugly. He is good a bit with glasses but without glasses he look like japan, not blind. Let's go back to hamlet again. After that the uselles plant guy added to game (He can eat poop wow). He is very complex character. He grows plants and bla bla bla. To be honest he is like a MOD character. I didn't feel he was from don't starve world. And the city is not city. To be honest the villager in the minecraft is city-style. The citizens just eats and ****s floor and walking around for say "HaVe GrAsS bUdDy!?" They are not smart than old pigs of don't starve or I didn't feel it. The city is basic, the game is basic. I didn't expect that game. It's not about money, really. I don't want to look like merchan guy, I'm just sad about the future of don't starve. In the reign of giants we shocked everysecond. Deerclops in the winter, bearger in the autmn, ducky thing in the spring, dragonfly in the summer. Still I'm shock sometimes in game. I know almost everything about game but I still enjoy from exploring and playing but the hamlet is gonna be boring after 1-2 hour. Thanks for reading.
  9. You see everything "clear" when you wear Infroggles.
  10. (I play with hamlet beta, I hope I write it right place :c) Bug1: When I use Pew-matic horn in a ship (Bamboo Raft, Shipwrecked), the character dissappear and I lose control of character (She just keep moving where I look before I use gun) Bug2: When I put one item to Pew-matic horn, the gun give 0 damage. I should put 2 or higher if I want to damage creature.