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  1. But cave is important part of game...
  2. Dude I have not internet connection and I update the game with my phone's internet. After updating I set steam offline and close the internet. I play game with offline mod and I play alone (1 player). But I idk, my ping bar is red and my game is backward time by time. I attack a pig but pig don't take damage if I don't wait. When hornets\hounds chase me game teleport me back again and I took damage. I can't take items from ground fast and sometimes I really can't take them from ground. Items teleport ground again. When the morning came, my ping become worse. If you help me I would be grateful.
  3. Hey guys, I play don't starve together at offline but still get bad ping. Is there any way to get better ping at offline? Is there any mod or setting to solve this problem? (I really want to play with winona plz :C)

  5. Guys, I wondered about a thing. When I saw glommer first time I shocked and I took the flower from the statue. When Glommer follow me I realy became happy and I discovered the sanity bonus of this creature. At the long winter nights I watched this poor creature. I just watched their eyes and It's don't look happy. The creature humps itself ground to punish itself. Because they have weakness to the flower. They make sad noises and we make this creature our slave for +6 sanity for minute... I want to hear the trues from the game makers. Do we grind to this creature when we take the flower? If the answer is yes I will never take the flower again.
  6. Silver Necklace for Woodie

    I hate woodie because of being beaver and losing all stats to 50 but I think if we cure this curse with necklace or something like this Woodie would be an so easy character to play.
  7. Hardest Character?

    What about WX-78 in Shipwrecked? I always die because of wetness. It's hard to find gold, It's hard to travelling without wetness and It's hard to kill pigs to make pig leather umbrella. After 20 days it's will be easy but first time is hard a bit :F
  8. (Sorry for my bad English) Please add New Reign things to Don't Starve single mode... I'm tired to saying this. I can pay another too DLC please add it. I can't play Together because of ping even at OFFLINE. When I ask your help page you send a page stolen-like from wikipedia (Understanding Ping bla bla...). I'm really want to play game and I tried install some mod, closing caves, deleting antivirus also I tried to play in Linux. Nothing changed. I understand the Klei, the story of don't starve and don't starve together is different but why there is not "out of story" DLC for don't starve? You can combine together and reign of giant for single player mode DLC? If you think it's indecent thing to selling DLC for same thing you can create a offical mod for Reign Of Giant? I have all of Don't Starve series (I can't play it but I bought Together too) because I'm in love with what are you guys doing. But It's sad thing to watching gameplay of the game you have...