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  1. Ban Watermelen for not appreciating the joke that DatShadowJK made before. @DatShadowJKGood joke, by the way.
  2. So, after a long time of not coming here to the forum, I made my mark and came back here. :)


    What did I miss? :p

  3. Ban Watermelen for not reading the forum rules. (Also, I have returned. :P)
  4. Ban Mein for... Actually, that's a really good point. But you're banned because of that.
  5. @GiddyGuy Your title will be: Granny Gangsta! Ban Giddy because I gave him a title.
  6. Ban Dongs (seriously?) for not appreciating having a soul.
  7. Ban(ish) Mobbstar for telling us to embrace the voices from beyond.
  8. Ban Stephanie (because why not? ) for having a desire to ban Ootay.
  9. Ban DragonMage for failing to come up with a reason to ban me, and also banning 2 other people instead.
  10. Ban LadyD for understanding that I didn't ask her a question.
  11. Ban Stef for intentioning to harm DragonMage about her tail.