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  1. ShadowWeaver

    Hey Klei. It shouldn't be impossible to beat the Ancient ShadowWeaver with two people on Godmode. Because if a person doesn't get anywhere while invincible? If hate to see it off of godmode. Some folks do not want to play with 6 people. Stop forcing it.
  2. Coffee and Cog's Art

    I'm sorry, who looks quite sleazy?
  3. Coffee and Cog's Art

    I will admit to drawing this at work where I had absolutely no outside-internet access so I had to go off of memory for the radio. And they might be just a bit chummy here.. the dangers of Maxwell's true demeanor ever looming.
  4. Coffee and Cog's Art

    I've another one! This time, traditional. There's just something about feeling the tools work on paper. Unfortunately, where I'm constantly tearing out pages, I'm running out of paper in said sketch pad. Unfortunately, the store I got it from closed down a few years ago. It should not surprise anyone by now that it's more Wilson. I am working on a sketch of Woodie though, so he'll soon grace this thread soon enough
  5. Coffee and Cog's Art

    It was supposed to come across as creepy, so glad I got that across. It was not meant to be a romantic piece at all, hahah.
  6. Coffee and Cog's Art

    Thanks! I will admit, like a lot of people, I absorbed a lot of Disney and Saturday Morning Cartoons. Plus, Vincent Price just WORKS. It's the first time in a long time I freehanded my lines (with the exception of Maxwell's coat bottom.)
  7. Coffee and Cog's Art

    Well, I got this finished sooner than anticipated. Don't know if I'll ever get around to colouring it; but the moment I saw a certain Vincent Price pose, I knew I had to use it for these two. A bit more of a dabble into my own style; but it works fairly well. I also have a ko-fi set up as well; so if any of you enjoy what you see, why not put something in the tip jar?
  8. Coffee and Cog's Art

    Hi @minespatch, thank you!! Yeah, unfortunately I don't update much. Hoping to have something finished relatively soon. @ExtollerOfTrolls Hehe, I know, right??
  9. Coffee and Cog's Art

    It's been a while again, and I shall always apologise. This time, I come to you with Walani! She was a real fun subject to draw, and it gave me a chance to try out Medibang Paint Pro. I do have a Maxwell/Charlie piece in the works, but no ETA on it. Also, I've set up a kofi, so if you enjoy my art, please feel free to leave me a tip!
  10. Coffee and Cog's Art not know what that is, admittedly.
  11. Coffee and Cog's Art

    I do apologize for the long absence. Things have been hectic. I've been playing a bit of DST with my spouse, as well as finally giving Walani a go. She's definitely a cutie! But, I do not come back empty handed! Thankfully, I've been able to doodle recently, while at work. So, without further ado.. Does it surprise anyone when this gent slips out? It was incredibly slow at work that day, and I wanted to bring home a present for the spouse. One of her favourites is Maxwell. The other attachments were more for myself. A Wilson in a hoodie, because I was grumpy; and torch-wielding Wilson (say that ten times fast..) because I wanted to play with lights and shadows. Enjoy!
  12. Coffee and Cog's Art

    Finally finished it! I finished another, too; but that one super nsfw so...
  13. Coffee and Cog's Art

    Just adding a sketch to the thread. Sorry I've been a bit quiet, folks. It's William! Enjoying some coffee and something to eat while reading up on whatever's in front of him. Either a random book or the Codex! You lot decide. It's been a hard day, so I felt some more fluff was needed. Besides, we just don't see enough of poor William.
  14. Coffee and Cog's Art

    @DragonMage156, I tried to get some good movement with it, though I'm sure afterwards he probably did a bit. Definitely not a good thing to happen!
  15. First time posting

    Aagh, I still love these so much