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  1. Sorry but I'm not update anymore the mod cause is abandoned sorry men
  2. you can try putting the 1028x1024 rasolution, that work in my tv
  3. i think that error is occurring with the resolution. example , when i'm playing in my smart tv connected with my cpu, (sorry by spam) Five nights at freddys that error may occurring with the resolution support of my smart tv
  4. Yes, the icons stress one because we do not know what option it is. Even if they have names, they are also confused. So, I really enjoyed having this conversation, see you! Pd: My english is bad, so if you're confused , excuse me.
  5. Oh!, so sorry, how it's here in the bug tracker i thought that was a bug. So , don't get angry
  6. Maybe you did an invalid action. For example in RoG, burn the poisonous Monster birchnut tree with fire staff, causes a crash. The name of this action is "Not declared". So, you need to take an screenshot to see the mentioned crash
  7. so, i watched my source code of the mooseegg.lua in my SW (i believe that you are playing SW, because the background is like blue color). And the crash appears when the Goose/Goose spawn in his nest and try to kill you. But how i never played in console , i can't help you anymore. so sorry friend.
  8. That i see in this crash , is these problems. when you obtain an blueprint , these file are temporal. so, when you dig up an grave, the game reset the world source to make the item drop and change the grave texture. the blueprint , how is a temporal file, the game mechanics , update the world and deleth the blueprint source code. the old bell is an 1 time obtainable item. When you update de world, the old bell blueprint is deleted.So , it's impossible to get another one old bell blueprint per world. the same upload crash, appears when you dig a grave, sleep in hay roll, jumping worlds and go to cave/ruins. so to fix this, you need to learn the blueprint after you have to destroy the statue. Enjoy you game!!
  9. Maybe you have altered the source code of mooseegg.lua: You need to install don't starve again. I know only this method to fix those bugs. So, remember: If you have mods in Don't Starve, Klei wouldn't help you. Finally, enjoy your game!
  10. First of all. You must to check the world option to: a) the compatibility with Shipwrecked and RoG/Base b) If has not compatibility with the two ones. sometimes, the bug appears when you deactivated the world conection. so, if you want to fix the bug you need to try the game with world conection available. So, enjoy your game!.
  11. buddy, the floods of the shores appear naturally when the night comes, so isn't a bug, put the setting floods to none, make only the flood of the rain don't appear. it's a reference to the high tides that appear on the real life when the moon is above us. So, it's a pleasure have to help to fix your "bug"