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  1. It seems to be lacking the character animations (as in the .ZIP files), which is causing the game to crash...I haven't gone through each scenario yet, but looking through the error log it seems to have crashed to to the missing .ZIP file for the ghost. But honestly, I dunno. You have FAR more knowledge than me for being able to even make this mod! (Kudos to you, btw.) So maybe it's a mystery for us both...
  2. But what happens when you die as a ghost? Do you become human? That'd be both meta and hilarious. Or do you just not die as a ghost mob? 'Cuz y'know, you're already dead. Now I'm not opposed to that idea, seeing as I'm one of those players who turns on godmode the instant I can..... what can I say? I love making hard games cry because I look for ways to either: A. Make it easy via removal B. Make it ULTRA easy via OPness and it's usually the latter. X3