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  1. Birds no longer spawn Shipwrecked

    For me I don't even hear the birds, they are completely gone.
  2. Hi. In don't starve shipwrecked a few months ago, I encountered a bug where all birds stopped spawning after reaching Dry Season. At first, I thought the bug would fix itself however it did notand now this bug happens on every single shipwrecked world I create. Seagulls do still spawn on the sea where you see their shadows, however. Currently, I am around day 160 as woodlegs and the glitch is still continuing. If anyone is curious I am not playing with mods right now however the glitch still happens with mods on. I was not playing with mods when the glitch started and this bug does not happen in a regular or ROG world. Also as a quick note, I found a file called birds in the game files so maybe that has something to do with it?