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  1. Hey, DST modding community! I'm Reagle, a sorta-new member to the DS + DST fan train, as well as a writer who desperately needs a new project. So, if you need someone to write tons of quotes for your new character or items, comment! Before you do, here are a couple of things I think I should say before we team up: 1. No profanity. Don't Starve, while heavy and dark at times, is overall a classy and funny game. If I ever saw Wicker drop the F-Bomb, something would definitely seem off. However, simple words that refer to something else are allowed, such as damn and Hell. We're in the 1900s people, let's keep that in mind. 2. Original ideas only. While I love all ideas and ingenuity, characters made in other media belong in other media. 3. Be open to new ideas. Restricting yourself is no way to go. The reverse is true as well- be willing to put your foot down when you want to keep the idea of a character intact. 4. Be serious about the Mod. I'd rather not work like crazy and then see that you aren't really interested getting it off the ground. But above all, the statements above are really guidelines you should keep in mind, don't let them stop you from contacting me. I really want to help you! My E-Mail is . Thanks for reading this!
  2. WEBBER BECAME CUTER And also he loves fishsticks, but spooder does not