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  1. thank you guys so much and i ma sorry for making it hard when it came to me being confused *am sorry i accidentally switched the m and a XD
  2. ok i will and i do apologize im not trying to be annoying im pretty much like an old person when it comes to this stuff XD
  3. how do i restart the game? and i deleted the 2 files
  4. im sorry if im frustrating you im not trying to
  5. i did find it and the client chat log was a mistake Oh and here you go :3
  6. it says it failed twice what now? nvm wait crap wrong one client_chat_log.txt yup aint working tried both upload methods just says failed to upload
  7. k cant find it and im looking in the documents in my files
  8. clinent trace log right? clientTrace.log
  9. i have no idea how to do stuff like that XD also Right were the box has a little flash and says open but when i do nothing happens the 00:04-5 second mark
  10. when i sleep in tents mainly with mod charcters i wake up invisable and i cant do much in this state and cant sleep in tent so the character is nearly unplayabe and enemies cant seem to see my character so i have to close my game down to fix it and it seems to happencmost of the time i try so i dont sleep in tents no more and nothign is wrong withe files if you can help thank you also the tents were from a mod but its a stable and normal mod nothing funky about it i dont think Thanks From Nepeta :3
  11. ok so i got a vanity box item drop and i made a science machine and a alchemy machine and i when i just had the science machine and clicked it nothing happened it showed a little flash then nothing and then tried with alchemy machine and same issue and tried with both near same result and i verified the integraty of my game no issues found but my game was a gift by a friend if it means anything can i plz get some help and i dont know if mods affect it and i tried with a normal game charcter didnt work Thank you for reading this and possibly fixing this if its possible from Nepeta P.s i love the game its fun and for a beta i give it a 10/10 :3