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  1. He works well only with one tunnel and this not always.
  2. Sorry for my English. Good mod, but he enters only one tunnel from two acts correctly, near the larger number real madness. Taste to make the larger number of accessible tunnels near the next updating.
  3. Sorry for my English. Taste to distribute tunnels in the next updating two only were from oneself dependent the then next group and again two. He goes mad near three now and where it is not porzy four this known you will escape.
  4. Super, magnificently. Perfect application 100/10. Great thanks. But this is probably the version 1.1 not as you passed 1.2, the programme so passes anyway. - surely such small inattention. Despite all the really good and worth programme of the attention.
  5. I wrote that I had the version GOG and had only: ... \ To starve Dont \ bin and more brochures do not have in bin any more. I have to do what in this situation Good I already prosecuted. This what You have in two brochures at me he is in one and I pass the same brochure in both paths and he works beautifully. Could you consider the choice ścieszki of writes near the next updating would it be not the backup only here: C:\Users\pablo\Documents\DontStarveBackup
  6. He is at me something like this: ... \ Dont głodować \ bin this IS IT so I have to mark - Storing plays? And yet one. Should you make the backup after finishing the game if can while playing?
  7. In Don't Starve Shipwrecked, to backup your save game, you must copy all files from two locations: - C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarve\save - ...\Dont Starve Shipwrecked\bin\3DMGAME\Mr DJ\storage
  8. Sorry for my English. Excellent Mod but you could make him on the style Don't Starve Together Cog-wheel Wilderness with the aspect choice and flyback to the the same world.