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  1. @IronHunter, @TheSkylarr Thanks for the tips! If anyone has more insight about this AnimState strategy on the tip of their tounge, I would gladly take it. May I ask for a quick little example about this?
  2. Hello! Quick question about inst.Transform:SetScale() Does is completely overwrites given run/walkspeed? I use the SetScale coding in most of my character mods with a 1.1x or a 1.2x scaling (because Extented Sample's models are quite small). I have a hard time making my characters have normal Wilson speed with this coding. It seems like it ignores inst.components.locomotor.walkspeed and inst.components.locomotor.runspeed. Help my poor soul Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello there! In advance: I'm super grateful for every information piece, even for the tiniest ones. I don't expect finished codings, pointing me to the right direction fully fills my needs (though, I don't mind some polished codings if it's on the tip of your tongue). Thanks for every selfless, nameless hero The questions: 1) [Solved] How can I make a custom tool into a multitool (alias function as an axe, pickaxe, hammer and as a weapon)? Solution: 2) [Solved] How can I change how much swings does it takes to chop down a tree by a custom axe? I would like this earlier said multitool to be able to chop/mine/demolish things with only one swing. Solution: 3) [Solved] The custom tool only leaves your inventory on 0% durability if you add the following line, right? (I don't want my tool to leave my inventory) Solution: I was right. 4) How can I add a durability-restore item to my custom tool? I would like to make gems restore said tool's durability to 100%. 5) I would like my tool to change it's texture when it's on 0%. How can I achieve this? Thanks in advance! Have a wonderful day!
  4. Hey there! I would like to add my character some abilities when she reaches certain Naughtiness-levels. My quesion is: How can I reference to these values in codings? I've looked around in the Krampus lua file, but I didn't found anything about it. Bonus question: Is this meter resets when a Krampus spawns, or is it grows to infinity? Thanks in advance!
  5. @TheSkylarr I tried the coding with a local world, it do seems to work that way. What can be done about this?
  6. @TheSkylarr So, if I understand it right, the headset can only provide night vision if the tag requirement is erased?
  7. @TheSkylarr I've double checked everything, I feel sillier and sillier I updated the whole mod here: LeVR.rar
  8. @TheSkylarr When I equip the headwear, the character just wears it without the night vision. Charlie still damages the character
  9. @CarlZalph Thanks for the info! How can I get more informations about the colour cube tables? Edit: I've tried the codings. I might have messed up something, but they don't seem to work. Neither this way: or this way:
  10. Have a great day, reader! I would like to ask for a little help about the following situation: I found this coding about custom night vision for Don't Starve singleplayer: My question is: If there's a way, how can this coding be transformed to be DST compatible, and to make it fit into a custom hat's prefab file (so the wearer gains the vision)? I'm incredibly grateful for any tiny help
  11. Good day! Let's get straight to the question: Is there a way to copy Moggles vision to a custom helmet, and recolor the red view to another color? Thanks in advance! : )
  12. Hi there! Is it possible to make a character do an in-game emote on a certain action? Specifically, I would like him to do an angry emote whenever he gets hit. I'm a bit afraid that he might get stunlocked by bees or other similar small creatures though. Is there a elegant way to implement such thing? Thanks in advance!