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  1. *looks at the time between posting and sweats* Heyy I just remembered this existed Here are some Wilson's for my absence (yes, this is a redraw of that last picture posted here haha) While I cant say it'll be too often I'll try to start posting here again when I can ^^'
  2. Wilson in autumn-y clothes because it's allmoosstt halloweeennn (he's excited on the inside)
  3. aaa! I've seen your art before and I love it so much <3 'specially that picture of puppetmaster wilson! The concept is just so cool and it's so well drawn <3 also that throne room's cool as heck
  4. Thank you! honestly i prefer that one as well, gotta love checker patterns! theyre bit of a pain to draw though
  5. was listening to some music and made queen of hearts inspired versions of king wilson i thought it would be neat :> (also say hello to my more "chibi" style)
  6. oo i've actually never considered that before! Thank you, I'll try to remember that next time :>
  7. Still like it, so here's an older thing i drew after watching Zootopia! I thought it'd be cute to draw Wilson as a mad scientist bunny :>
  8. Thank you! i'll be sure to post as soon as i draw more!
  9. Hello, you can call me Mill! I've been into Don't Starve for a little while now and kinda figured I'd finally make an art thread! I'm not sure how active I'll be here, so if I suddenly drop off the face of the forums, I apologize in advance Anyway here's some older art to get started! I hope you like it