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  1. Ah, right. Thanks, I really can't notice things in front of me, can I
  2. It looks like you will not be able to play the "Normal" multiplayer till the end of the month, am I getting this right?
  3. Jokes in this thread just keep getting more bizzare. I don't get them anymore
  4. I just decided to play DST and then a little problem showed up. So, I wanted to rollback my world. I have already done this before and everything was fine. But this time, when I pressed the button, nothing happened and save just deleted itself. I don't know why, but I tried to do the same thing with the second latest save and it did the same thing. Basically, I erased two or three days of my progress. I'm afraid I can't rollback it and trying will delete even more saves. Is there anything that can fix it? I had some troubles with the Internet connection while I was playing. Might that be an issue?
  5. Can't you put all your questions in a single thread?
  6. But.. that's just Wilson without beard. What's the point? Why?