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  1. Dung Beetle Ball Respawn Bug

    The beetles will go pick up a new ball from the pile anyway, this really has no effect at all. I'm not sure I'd even call it a bug.
  2. Iron hulk boss

    I wasn't aware of that, I was just talking to a friend about it the day Hamlet released and thought I'd put it here. Thanks for telling me though.
  3. I don't know if this has been considered already or not, but I think it would be really cool if you could lure all the iron hulk pieces close enough that they can connect to each other and form a huge robot boss. I have no idea what its drops could be, I just thought it was a cool idea. There aren't many bosses in Hamlet anyway. There's only the Mantqueen and Pugalisk (and treeguard/birchnutter if you buy those tree seeds).
  4. BUG

    There are no skins and items on Don't Starve, only Don't Starve Together.
  5. Hamlet - Teleported out to sea

    If you know the commands or have a certain mod(I forget the name) you can increase your speed, which will allow you to run off of/onto the islands. Other than that, I don't know any solutions. This is a serious bug that needs fixing.
  6. (hamlet) bug inside of house

    Use a hammer on the light.
  7. You have to hammer the chandelier down to get to the items behind it.
  8. Items on ground move?

    The game might think there are strong winds. I don't know why it would think that though, considering it's not Shipwrecked or Hamlet
  9. Hamlet Eating bird bug

    If you have god mode enabled it will get stuck in the animation, but other than that I've not seen it get stuck.
  10. Have you tried hammering it? Maybe hold space with a hammer equipped and it might target the invisible stuff.
  11. Poop sounds persist after picking up

    If you're still in town when the sound is playing then there most likely is some poop around. You just haven't found it.
  12. Hounds are very easy to kill, depending on how many there are. If there are only a few, you can easily kite them and kill them with 5 hits from a spear. If there are too many to kite one without another hitting you, you can use beefalos, pigs, bees, tallbirds, tentacles, merms or frogs to help. Or you can just tank them with some armour and a helmet. For sanity, learning a new blueprint or prototyping a new recipe will give you 20 sanity. Shaving your beard as Wilson or Webber will also raise your sanity, or burning things as Willow. Picking flowers gives 5 sanity per petal, and crafting a garland or preferably a top hat will regenerate your sanity overtime. However, if you make a top hat and need it to last longer, only equip it during the day. You won't regenerate sanity at dusk or night. Wearing a catcap will also restore your sanity over time. If you are struggling, you can resort to using jerky purely for sanity gain. Any meat(except monster meat) put on a drying rack will turn into jerky(which you probably know already) and will restore a nice amount of sanity. It also lasts much longer. When it comes to the giants, there are some things that you need to know; Deerclops will target your base if he is close enough, and he will destroy everything you have if you don't get him away from it. Bearger will hibernate in the winter, and can be avoided by just leading hiim away and going back to him when you are prepared. Moosegoose is the easiest of all the giants, but one of his attacks will make you drop your weapon, so just take care when fighting him. Dragonfly is faster and stronger than you, and if you make a mistake he will destroy you. He is by far the hardest giant, but you can lead him away like bearger.. When starting a world, you need to know how to prioritise resources and jobs. I always try to keep a full, or near full, stack of every basic resource(grass, twigs, rocks, flint, logs) in my backpack. If you start in Autumn, you should prioritise finding a good location to build a base first, and then look for gears. They can be found in tumbleweeds or by killing chess pieces(as you probably already know). Once you have some, make an ice box and stockpile food toward the end of the season ready for Winter. When Winter comes, get at least 15 ice cubes and put them in an ice box(if you have one) or make an ice flingomatic as soon as you can, ready for Summer. You will need a thermal stone at the start too, without one you can't travel without freezing after about 20 seconds. Rabbit earmuffs or a winter hat are good for keeping you warm. At the start of Spring, you will probably be cold still from the Winter, and the rain will make you even colder. Keeping dry is very difficult without an eyebrella or rain coat and hat, and sometimes you will just have to sit through it in order to get work done(like gathering resources and food) In Summer, eating any ice cubes you have left from Winter will cool you down and restore a small amount of hunger, and an endothermic firepit or two will be necessary for survival, nitre is very easy to obtain for them(mine rounder, whiter boulders). You will need to make a thermal stone and cool it down in an ice box or at an endothermic fire, if you want to move around the world without overheating almost immediately. Other than all I have already said, I don't really know what to say. Hopefully at least something here makes sense to and helps you.
  13. HAM BUG

    I don't really understand why you hammered the building, or what the bug actually is you're trying to report, apart from the pig instantly restocking after you steal.
  14. Bug including Piko (?)

    You can craft the flower, I am pretty sure.
  15. Hamlet bug

    There probably is some somewhere, you just can't see it. You can also hear it even if you're in a building, and it will get louder as you move toward it