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  1. When the mechanical door is closed, the gas will be reduced.
  2. I remember the AU version was right before, and don't know why need to correct it. White should be output. Green should be intake.
  3. 如果先建造高压线,电气阀门将变得可以建造。 如果有一个瓷砖的地面上没有建造其他设备,那么它的复制设定将可以强制让其他瓷砖上已经建造过了建筑的,也能种上农作物。
  4. In addition, the bodies are not buried one by one.
  5. 管道桥可以让管道内的气体永动。
  6. Load reapplication,Unable to see what the clones were wearing,It is recommended to set up a list of clothes. (重新加载后,无法查看克隆人穿了什么衣服,建议设置一个衣服列表。)
  7. I am 1366 X 768 resolution. The paragraph spacing of the text,only normal in full screen mode.
  8. 虽然提示了不能耕种植物,但是复制人依然可以执行该操作。
  9. The map is misplaced, ice carpets and wire bridges, gas pipe bridges and liquid pipe bridges.
  10. Explain:Texture error. Explain:When you click the harvest button, the plant runs up to the front. Explain:It's stuck under the door. Explain:The attack icon is wrong, and if attacked, there is no hint. Explain: Go through the building.
  11. The clone can pass, but the door will not play the animation.
  12. It's a creature that's hiding in the back of the pot.