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  1. So, this update is causing my game to crash everytime I load it now. Why? I have no mods enabled, but I can't load my twelve day save. Is it because you removed some stuff? I had my house fully decorated and was in it from when the game crashed yesterday making a snake coat.
  2. So I ended up CTD when I made a snakeskin coat, I have no mods enabled, and the snake hat worked fine, but as I tried to create the coat for the weather it crashed. Is this known?
  3. At what point did I say I was against decorations? I didn't. I quite enjoy them actually, I'm just stating that it doesn't add any challenge to the game. That's all. It's purely decoration, and that's fine. All I personally want is just more lore, that is it. The decorations are nice and all, but I am lore starved because they've changed stuff from DS to DST that seems to have messed a little with the lore and I just want this tangle to be out in the open. That's all.
  4. But this is assuming people are going after decorations right away in a new world. Or that everyone is looking for said decorations. Whenever I start a new world, there are tasks designated, once a base is set up, and most things are prepared for harsher climates, then we go out searching for decorations. Really, it isn't a challenge at all if you know how to prepare yourself and have set tasks in mind. I want to add that the most I've ever played with on a server is one other person, so this isn't assuming I'm always playing with 6 or 8 people. I either play alone or with 1 other person and still find it too easy (and yes, this is with settings rarely altered)
  5. This. There's a lot of basic reskins going on and it's getting frustrating (and lazy)
  6. Also now that I think about it, you can put the fossils together 'wrong' and I'm picturing this poor sod of a creature dragging it's 'tusks' around trying to attack you and it's hilarious.
  7. With the bee queen hat, I'm not sure how much benefit a person has with positive sanity aura if it disintegrates even quicker than a spider queen hat. I thought it might be repairable since it loses health so quickly but it doesn't, so currently mine is stored away at 30% to probably never be used again. And the petting animation is the same as the adoption animation, the cutting grass animation and pretty much every 'doing something' animation... it's sort of boring (I gave up my pet nearly immediately because you still don't have a hunger meter for it so I don't want to bother having to shove food in it's mouth every two seconds). I don't know much about the deer herd, as one showed up outside our base almost immediately. Trapped most of them with stone walls and killed off a few that we couldn't get into the pen. Now I have a permanently aggro'd deer (the others have since calmed down but for one). I was excited for this update but I felt it really lacking. IDK, I'm personally incredibly hopeful we get something with those shadow hearts and the fossils (perhaps reanimation and get a new ancient bose type? That'd be wicked). So far these tiny bits and pieces don't compare to the 'arts and crafts' update (for me personally because I'm only interested in more shadow stuff or actual lore based updates) Also yay...more skins I'll never get and will stare at for selling far too high on the marketplace. It's to the point where I'm just going to put godmode on, leave the damn game running and check every hour to see if I can get a drop of something worthwhile (cause trade in's don't do squat)
  8. Accidentally is one thing, but like, I've seen people put up skins for $50 for weeks. It's something that's always bothered me, because other places allowed people to overinflate prices without issue and that can become a huge issue over all. But I'm not here to rant about market prices and how inflation works (or why creating an inflation bubble like that is a bad idea. Despite it being for video games, it's still not a good thing)
  9. I really wish steam would cap how much a person can charge for this crap cause uhhh $157 is a bit obviously ridiculous (I mean obviously no one will buy it but I'm wholly against inflated prices in the first place.
  10. So I've had trouble drawing the last few weeks, so I decided to try a different colour scheme this time. I've always wanted to attempt opposite colours (and blue/red are my favs) so here's an attempt. Not a successful attempt, but one was definitely made.
  11. Ahh, so glad you finally made a post Lozzie! You know I love these pics <3
  12. okay so it hasn't crashed today and spouse was able to finally use the chests and such so It was probably a mod (still can't seem to access console commands for them but I now can for me.) Going to try and slowly disable each mod again and see which one is causing the issues and then if it still is happening with all mods disabled, I'll report it. But so far we played for about an hour and a half tonight with no crashes.
  13. Yeah, I'll try that tomorrow, heading out tonight for an anniversary stay, so hopefully they'll have something new by Monday.