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  1. ban mein because i read "are you disconnected?" instead of "are you dcist"
  2. he'll jump out the window with no parachute for science i bet
  3. the two teeth remind of something familiar but i can't remember what oh yeah bugs bunny from looney tunes because he has two teeths in front too xD anyway that's an amazing thing to do for someone
  4. well congrats on your title don't get too excited cause you're still at the begining enjoy your time here and continue to post more art xD
  5. inb4 there is a whole folder full of minespatch memes oh wait minespatch has that already nvm
  6. we won't we'll just replace it with robot arms nah i'm joking hmm no shipping alright so be it it looks adorable and pretty good i like it a lot
  7. wilson seems so frightened like he doesn't want to go to that place with you or maybe he's just afraid of airplanes
  8. ban geni because she putted "vote" near ban and it made me think that she makes a poll on banning me
  9. ban geni because i always want to like her posts but then i think that i would spam her too much
  10. ban geni because she has to look at page 8 on her thread it should be there sorry i fotgot the date of the signature lol
  11. ban giddy i mean geni for not making a good joke oh wait yeah ban geni they are not the same
  12. nice you tried to do the tracing on bunny ears and it went so well! that's a adorable ori-cat or how it should be called xD
  13. omg i'm exactly that tired too after college heh it's maybe just a coincidence omg his eyes look like emoticons
  14. nice gifs the willow one is my fav xD i saved them on my phone i like how you made willow rollingin flames it's perfect for her triumphant personality btw adorable webber too is it me or willow is creating a vortex and she is teleporting in another dimension?
  15. keep the animation coming or some more atleast because they are amazing
  16. i thought charlie can hugh him oh wait charlie attacks him at night nvm
  17. Don't listen to him Wendy or you're gonna be doomed or will you?
  18. nice twinkle little star songs modified lyrics,i like it and I like how you captured the moment nice job wilson is having a fun almost death ride i hope it's worth it for him xD