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  1. that looks pretty good eh if it's late a day it doesn't matter that much
  2. i always feel that using code commands is cheating and that's why i try to avoid it a lot
  3. codes writing in console seems like too much work for me
  4. so you can kill him and get the sack but you'll know that he'll be sad wow it makes you not want the sack anymore
  5. adorable group picture good work on the design. a glommer as a pet for maxwell he created the hounds and now he has a glommer pet why this seems so unfitting to me?
  6. i guess some needles don't hurt much hopefully he won't start ripping the dolls apart
  7. what if he eats the figure and coughs up the figure it's a never ending cycle?
  8. that's so adorable i can't stop looking at it it's so freaking cute
  9. but it is true he was new at that nobody told him so it really is your mistake for copying the reference jk
  10. i don't own one cute catcoons should be friendly with anyone ; )
  11. adorable you're making them more and more cute.really impressive
  12. if it were to think about it then it would mean that krampus loves catcoons too XP
  13. it look like the antennas move the hat up.anyway nice how you make it it's adorable
  14. i thought he comes because you killed a peaceful creature that doesn't fight back,krampus gets mad at you if you kill butterflyes and birds and that's why i thought that glommer is a peacefully creature.or maybe glommer is just too cute to be killed