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  1. On 9 June 2016 at 1:49 AM, LordBritish said:

    Welp, there we go. After almost a week the Single-Player version is now out! Its features are included in the changelog (typo and all) but I'll put it here in the event it gets hidden.

    • Compatible with Don't Starve, Reign of Giants, & Shipwrecked!
    • 1000's of lines of custom dialogue from the DST version, with hundreds more custom lines for Shipwrecked!
    • Wildbore's have their own perk upon befriending, they'll now attack twice as fast!
    • June's revive on companion is gone, but to make up for that she can make a Meat Effigy at a reduced price without the need for prototyping
    • Pigmen's perk is buffed from 15% to 25% speed boost
    • (Also, regeneration might or might not work. I haven't tested it.)

    If there are any bugs or crashes, please let me know! Now go out there and try some solo with June!


    thanks a lot will sure do,momentarily I'm not home but will sure do :)

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