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  1. So this is want I try : Turning off mods didnt help.... Dealiting the farms with consol but the problem was I was able to input only one comand before the crash (teleporting to them).. Then I was searching to turn it off and lets say I got lost in the text no clue where is the scrip for planting the crops for pigs ... Dont even know in with file can I turn it off (I guesing scheduler or update ) dont know if you have some sort of program to naviget in these files (I guess yes when it ends with .lua ) ... Anyway here is my log and save file : log.txt porkland_2
  2. When the game starts I get small window with my character in game and after a second game crash. The game was trying to replant crops on pig farms but it clouldnt because the farms was burned ( not sure about on 100% but from the script it looks like that ). Also try it without mods same result.
  3. So it happend again in last patch after I killed ant queen get to surfice I still had nightmare overlay (I wasnt insane ) so I relog and get the cloudy bug again in my house. here is my log and save file (I dont know with one was save file but I only have one save ...) log.txt porkland_1_dlc_porkland profile_dlc_porkland Also after I relego in to the game again from this cloudy room is now black room with flooded floor ....
  4. When I try puting mandragor in the chest (I used shift for fast transport in to the chest) the game instantli crash withou log (the game closed). Also after reloging the save my mandragor despeir and when I drop the mandragor (befor the crash happend) it desepier and you cant pick it up it delete it self. Seems like this plant is baged ...
  5. Somethik similar happend to me after my game crash all interious become out off land (the empty space out of land when you are on surface). I was also getting clouds that idicates this and i could not drop items and if I drop it would disappeared.
  6. So after I got crash with the pots now all my houses/ruins/caves dont have floor (you can see the clouds) I guess I will start new world xD In the pickture you can see I cant drop items and if I do the irems deseper.
  7. I dont if you know why did this happend . I just send just cus of doing beta . (I dont think my mods did this I dont use game changing mods)
  8. There is my files if you want try to fix it. boot_modindex cave_2_1_1 modindex morgue motd motd_image profile restart saveindex shipwrecked_1 survival_1 survival_2 survival_3 survival_4 survival_5 survival_screecher upandaway_modinfo volcano_1
  9. So I conect RoG with SW and I have only winter and autumn in RoG how can I fix it ?
  10. What how did you fix it ? Just clik on chekbox in steam ? I try it but nothink hapend pls help ... (I am not sure I clik on butten you explein)